April 30th, 2008

Do You Know Your Cuts of Steak?


I love this little cheat sheet (below) from the Kansas City Steak Company. Brush up on the different cuts of steak and impress friends, family, clients, colleagues, neighbors, your grandmother’s cat and the mailman with your amazing skill and knowledge.

Or, just use it to help you decide what kind of steak you want to grill this weekend.

Filet Super Trimmed Filet Mignon:
A thick, boneless and extremely tender cut of beef from the tenderloin. Our filets are Super Trimmed, leaving only a perfectly aged, tender steak. Shop Now…
Strips   Kansas City Strip Steak:
Also referred to as the New York Strip this cut of meat comes from the most tender section of beef, the Short Loin. The Kansas City steak was named for the city where it originated and is our pride and joy. Shop Now…
Boneless Ribeye   Ribeye:
This cut is the perfect combination of tenderness and a rich, hearty flavor.The trademark of our Ribeyes is the ribbon of marbling that runs through the steak. Shop Now…
The T-bone is two steaks in one and consists of a T-shaped bone with meat on each side.The larger side contains a strip and the smaller side contains a filet. Shop Now…
Like the T-bone, a Porterhouse is 2 steaks in one. The larger side of the Porterhouse contains a filet and the smaller side contains a strip. Shop Now…
Top Sirloin   Top Sirloin:
The Top Sirloin is cut from the center of the Sirloin and is lean, firm and flavorful.Top Sirloin is a tender steak and is perfect for grilling. Shop Now…
  Prime Rib:
The Prime Rib is a large cut of beef that is perfect for roasting. The “Prime” in its name does not refer to the grading; rather it refers to the cut.  Prime Rib is the most tender of all roasts and is at it’s tender and juicy best when cooked to medium rare. Shop Now… 
  Beef Tenderloin:
Also known as “the Chateaubriand”, this uncut filet mignon in roast form is decadently juicy and delicious. Shop Now…
Strips   Prime
Only the top 1-2% of all beef can be labeled USDA Prime. Our Prime selections are wet aged in a controlled environment for the most tender results. Shop Now…


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