September 2nd, 2009

Steaks This Labor Day?


So, any and every holiday is an excuse for me to cook steaks.

There, I said it.

Labor Day is no different. In fact, it’s the quintessential holiday for steak grillin’.

There, I said “quintessential.”

Labor Day’s the unofficial close of summer (boo!) and we ALWAYS get outside and swim and eat and soak it in. It’s fun because it signals the start of football season and a break from hot, hot weather.

But, it’s sad because, well, we LOVE summer around our house.

We’re going to relax with some steaks, some ribs and some burgers. Some friends are coming over and we’re going to talk about where the time went and how we could possibly be this old and how it came to be that the top of our kids’ heads now reach our shoulders and how our alma mater’s football team better win this year.

You know, the same stuff we always talk about — but never tire of.

How about you????


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Hi! My name is Dena P., and I love steak. In fact, I’ve been on a quest for the perfect steak for a few years now.

I love experimenting with food and I like to get my family, friends and neighbors involved. They add a lot to my cooking experience by helping me perfect techniques and sharing recipes.

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