October 29th, 2009

That Steaky Spirit


Wanna get in the spirit of the season?

It’s Halloween time, people! Time to dress up like your favorite beef product!

Every year it amazes me the costumes people come up with. And this year is no different.

Case in point . . .


I’m thinking they’re missing some decimal points on the prices. But if not, no worries! Wouldn’t YOU pay 2 grand to look like a Porterhouse?

These guys are hilarious and they’re making me hungry. I like the kid and the dog who are being scared into a full-on sprint by the smiling steak. It’s priceless.

Just some FOOD FOR THOUGHT for ya. (You knew I had to do that.)

If you dress up like something beefy this Halloween puhleeeeeeease send me photos!!

Photo courtesy of facemakersincorporated.com.


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