March 4th, 2010

No More Steak Mistakes!


Fatima cooks steaks that are tough and overdone.

Emeril can help with that.

Here are his tips for steaks that are just right:

Emeril’s Tips for Cooking the Perfect Steak:

1) Steaks must be cooked so that the entire surface caramelizes to form a rich thick crust.

2) Grill Pan: Bone in Steaks should be grilled outdoors or on an indoor grill pan to achieve maximum contact between heat source and meat

3) Cast Iron Skillet: Boneless Rib Eye and Strip steaks are the best for pan searing

Emeril talks more about this in his episode about steak mistakes on “Emeril Green” — his show on Planet Green, a Discovery company. Hey, I’d take advice from him. The man knows his way around a kitchen, grill, smoker, wok, convection oven, fryer…

For more insight from Chef Emeril Lagasse on this subject, check out

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