May 12th, 2010

Steak From the Frying Pan Into Your Mouth

Like your steaks a bit more done than rare? This step-by-step process claims to ensure the “juiciest, tastiest, well-done steaks and chops.”

That is, if you like your steaks well done.

There are all sorts of techniques out there to help you achieve that perfect steak. And only “the perfect steak to you” matters, right?

So, dear readers, you try it and then let me know your opinion.

Read all about it over here at *Sounds like a rap song to me. Wiki, wiki how!*

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  • Julia

    my hubby likes his steak rare with a cool red center. I like my steaks a little more to medium rare with a warm red center. If I only have a choice of rare or well done I will take the rare every time. Eating a well cooked (well Done) steak is like chewing a carpet. It is tough to chew but is soft as butter if it is medium rare to rare.

  • http://n/a janet

    My father always cooked the meat in our house. When we had steak, he got out a large iron skillet which had to be heated to HOT, butter used to ocok the steaks. I find that an iron sklllet is the only way to make a truly excellent steak. THe flavor is superior if it’s a good steak. I have my grandmother’s iron skillet, which must be over one hundred years old, so it is well-seasoned. You can’t just buy an iron skillet and do a steak It must be well-seasoned. IF you have to buy one second-hand, it’s worth it as long as iot doesn’t look like it’s new. After cooking the steak and it is resting, put a little water in the skillet which will loosen the left-over mess from the steak. We sometimes put a piece of buttered bread into the juices when just a little water has been added. Whatever, once the skillet is cleaned out, you can quickly wash it with a little detergent in water so as to not affeet the seasoning of the skillet. You only turn a steak and quickly…not rubbing on the bottom as you turn it. Steak comes in all sizes and thicknesses, so if I’m not sure as to where it’s at, I cut a little slit in it to see if it is just right before taking it up. BTW, a good hood is neccessary when doing in the house.