June 30th, 2010

Unusual Beef Steaks for 4th of July


Would ya look at that gorgeous egg on top of that dreamy, juicy steak?

Amelia Levin over at the LA Times gives us the head’s up on some “unusual” cuts of steak you could try this 4th of July.

Now, you love steak, so you may be familiar with most of these already. Us aficianados usually are in the know. But there may be one or two you don’t know much about.

So, check out her list here.

And let me know if you’ve found a new favorite!

Photo courtesy of Bill Hogan/LA Times.

June 28th, 2010

8 of the Most Expensive Cuts of Beef You Never Knew You HAD to Have!


8 of the Most Expensive Cuts of Beef You Never Knew You HAD to Have!

You love steak, and even in a recession you want the best that money can buy.  But how much money are you really willing to drop to buy the “perfect” steak?

Let’s say you have an unlimited budget…what would be the best steak that your money could buy?  Here’s a list of the 8 most expensive types of beef.  The prices listed below are based on USDA Prime quality beef, but prices will vary according to your geographic location, the portion size, and grade of beef selected.

Not all beef is created equal.  If you want to eat the best steak of your life, it’s gonna cost you…and it’ll be worth every penny.

The Best of the Best

1)    Kobe Beef

This beef comes only from Kobe, Japan; therefore, costs more the further you travel from Japan.  What makes it so special?  Well, it comes from Wagyu cows that have been massaged with sake-fed grain fodder and given one beer a day.  This makes the beef tender, flavorful and wonderfully marbled.  You can find this in most of the top, high-end steakhouses in the U.S. like Japonais in Chicago.

At the Renga-tei Restaurant in Kobe, a cut of Wagyu, wrapped in rice paper and seared on an iron grill, then served with salmon and salad is $206.  Chef Varley’s “Triple Seared” Japanese Kobe in Las Vegas costs $33 an ounce.  So, an eight-ounce serving is $264.


2)    American Wagyu

This type of beef comes from Wagyu cows imported from Japan but raised here in the U.S.  They are rare (there aren’t very many of them) so they are expensive.  They, too, are tender and very flavorful.  You can find this type of beef at BLT Steak in New York City.  There, an American Wagyu 12-oz. ribeye runs $92.

3)    Tenderloin

Typically, the most expensive cuts of beef are taken from the most tender parts of the cow.  These are the parts that don’t get “overworked” in the animal’s lifetime.  Therefore, they’re tender.  Tenderloin is an amazing example of this.  Try The Tenderloin Room in St. Louis.

The “Pepperloin a la Tenderloin” dish at the Tenderloin Room (which consists of slices of specially seasoned, marinated tenderloin) costs $38.

4)    Filet Mignon

Now, this is exquisite.  Filet mignon is taken from the small end of the tenderloin (called the short loin) and is known as the “king of steaks.”  It can often be cut with a fork, it’s so tender.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  You can find delectable filet mignon at most any upscale steakhouse, but I prefer an at-home version delivered by the Kansas City Steak Company.  They’re widely known for their corn-fed beef – especially the filet mignon.

A 12-oz. filet at BLT Steak in NYC is $42.  Six 6-oz. filets from Kansas City Steak Company run $64.95.  Definitely a better buy.


5)    Kansas City Strip

Strip steaks, taken from the short loin, are particularly tender, but not as tender as the tenderloin.  They can, however, but cut into thicker portions which is appealing to lovers of more rare beef.

Sometimes called New York Strip or Delmonico, you can find strip steaks just about everywhere!


6)    Porterhouse

Ahhh, the Porterhouse!  Part tenderloin and part strip steak, this hefty favorite divides the two with a bone that helps provide amazing flavor.  The Porterhouse has a larger side of tenderloin than on a T-bone. Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn, NY, is famous for its 2-person Porterhouse.  Newsday describes it as “Fibrous, mineral-sweet beef, crusty and tender.”  Yum!

A single Porterhouse at the Tenderloin Room in St. Louis runs $39.


7)    T-Bone

The yin to the Porterhouse’s yang, the T-bone is a more conventional favorite, yet still pricey in upscale restaurants.  The fact that this type of steak comes from the short loin section of the cow (and, thus, the most tender) makes it expensive.  Find a great T-bone at Ruth’s Chris Steak Houses across the country.  A good bet.

8)    Bone-in Ribeye (Cote de Boeuf)

It’s the bone that gives this cut its flavor.  Leave the bone in and you leave the rich flavor intact.  The ribeye comes from the rib section of the cow, which gives it its hearty flavor.  Bob’s Steak and Chop House in Dallas, TX, has a bone-in beauty to die for!


June 25th, 2010

5 Ways to Ruin a Great Steak


Our chef friend gives us his thoughts on what NOT to do when on the quest for a wonderful steak. I, for one, will take note because I need all the help I can get! Read on . . .

5 Ways To Ruin A Great Steak

5) Flipping Flipping

Don’t flip your flipping steak 42 flipping times. I know it’s so tempting – you just want to have a peek. You can’t see what is happening on the bottom of your steak – you feel so helpless! Leave it alone! It will be OK. Trust me.

Your best bet is to sear the steak for 2 minutes on each side on high heat. After that, it depends on the cut of beef and the thickness. Even for an average T-bone, cooked to medium rare, you are looking at almost 9 minutes on medium heat before you flip it (after the sear process).

Check out a grilling chart-


Also, don’t flip your steak with a fork. You will lose juices. Use tongs or a spatula.

4) Fast Food Steak…

Don’t take your steak out of the fridge and toss it on the grill. The steak needs to be at room temperature before it hits the grill. So slow down, relax….Pull the steak out early and let it warm to room temperature.  You also need patience after you take the steak off the grill. Allow the steak to rest for a full five minutes before cutting it. This allows the juices and flavors to develop.

3) Fancy Marinades – Ooooh La La

Don’t marinate aged choice or prime beef, or you will ruin the steak! A great steak can stand on its own, it doesn’t need to be masked with a girly marinade. A marinade can help less tender cuts, such as flank, but not a prime cut of beef.

2) Steak Sauce, Really? Seriously?

Sir, would you like to taste some steak with your overpowering tangy ketchup sauce?

A great steak doesn’t need steak sauce. Steak sauce ruins the flavor of the meat. Steak sauce is a way to mask the flavor of an inferior steak. Steak sauce, while appropriate on a bologna sandwich, is not appropriate on a prime cut of beef.

In some of the finer steak houses you could get slapped or asked to leave for requesting steak sauce.

1) Well Done – Noooo

The number one way to break a steak is to cook it until it resembles a piece of charcoal. A well done steak is dry, leathery and tough. The juices are cooked away and it loses its flavor. If you are going to order a steak well done, just order something else. Ask for some beef jerky and ketchup.

June 23rd, 2010

Diet With Steak


Okay, so I’m on a new diet. It’s nothing too crazy, just healthy food and less of the junk that filled too many of my meals.

Can I have fries? NO.

Pizza? NAH.

Potato chips? UH NO.

Grilled cheese? HECK NO.

What about steak? YES! YES! YES!

I am so happy that nice, lean steak is a huge part of my diet. Mix in a little baby spinach, some melba toast rounds and I’m in business!

So far, I’ve lost 15 pounds. And I must say, eating steak regularly wasn’t exactly a huge sacrifice. In fact, it has been wonderful.

Thank you, steak, for being there for me when I needed to make some healthy changes. You’ve been my lifesaver in a sea of fruits, veggies, veggies and veggies.

Um, there are lots of veggies in this diet.

This cut certified by the American Heart Association is an excellent option for me. It’s lean and perfectly proportioned. (You know, kinda like I hope to be after this is all over. :))

June 22nd, 2010

Beef, Family Makes Father’s Day Perfect


For Father’s Day, we enjoyed this . . .

. . . and this . . .

We saw Toy Story 3, ate beef kebobs and swam with our boys. In my husband’s words, it was “perfect.”

Funny how our perfect days always include our family and meat. Should we look into that?

Nah. It works.

Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day, too!

June 18th, 2010

Steak. You Know Dad Wants It.


It’s Father’s Day on Sunday. Got good plans for your old man?

Well, you can’t go wrong cooking him a steak dinner. I’m serious. He’ll love it.

The Houston Chronicle had an article recently giving some great grilling advice from the experts. Check it out — and then treat Dad to something special.

Happy Father’s Day!

Photo courtesy of Steve Giralt, Food Network Magazine via Chron.com.

June 17th, 2010

Onion Soup Steakburger


I finally tried out that recipe using Campbell’s French Onion soup on my steakburgers — and it was unbelievable!

Check out that steakburger just oozing with flavor! The cheese is a nice addition, too.

My husband dipped his burger in the remaining sauce like a French dip and reports that it was scrumptious.

I ate mine without a bun and dipped it in the sauce. Mwah! It was wonderful.

For an extra kick, try this ground beef with Sweet Vidalia Onion mixed in. Oh, the smells! The flavors!

Extra points if you eat this steakburger outside on your balcony or patio and just breathe in the atmosphere.

June 16th, 2010

Cartoon Steak


So, it’s summer break here at our house. The kids are home. I work from home. And there are lots of cartoons on TV.

Mind you, not all day, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in the summer?

And I’ve discovered that even those clever cartoon-makers are steak lovers. This “Phineas and Ferb” episode features the bad guy in town stealing all the steaks and locking them up far, far away. The storage container of steaks blows up and steaks rain down. Yay!

WARNING:  If you are afraid of raining steaks, DO NOT watch this episode — especially at the end!

June 11th, 2010

Steak-Scented Billboard?


Oh, yeah.

I may have to drive through North Carolina just to behold this beauty. I’ll roll down my windows, of course.

What do you think about this?

Steak Scented Billboard Entices Drivers

Steak scented billboard /PA

Motorists in North Carolina are being given hunger pangs by a new scented roadside billboard – which puts out the smell of peppered beef.

The ad, along Highway 150 in Mooresville for local grocer Bloom, is shaped like a gigantic piece of steak on a fork, reports Fox News.

But it is the smell of black pepper and charcoal, being emitted from a high-powered fan, which is attracting all of the attention.

“It smells like uh, barbecue, like hickory or something like that being barbecued and smells like steak,” one motorist said.

The billboard is the work of local firm ScentAir which provides custom scents for businesses including hotel lobbies, casino gambling and retail stores.

Marketing director Murray Dameron said the beef scent was emitted by a high-powered fan at the bottom of the billboard that blows air over cartridges loaded with BBQ fragrance oil.

“It smells like grilled meat with a nice pepper rub on it,” he explained.

Bloom spokesperson Angie Hunter said: “With all the advertising around, you wanna be able to jump out and really grab the consumer’s attention.”

Article excerpt and photo courtesy of web.orange.co.uk.

June 10th, 2010

Steakgate: Fact or Fiction?


Okay, I think this is total malarkey. But these are the words being bandied about around the NBA Finals.

Seriously, steak, in my opinion, could only make a person play better!

Read this article about the NBA’s “SteakGate.” And, uh, don’t believe everything you read!

Ray Allen — Victim of the SteakGate Curse!

Originally posted Jun 9th 2010 6:25 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Boston Celtics superstar Ray Allen was ice cold in last night’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers — missing practically every single shot — but there’s only one logical explanation for his terrible performance …SteakGate!!!!

SteakGate began back in 2008 — when Paul Pierce had a fancy steak dinner before a big NBA Finals game … and then choked (his performance, that is) the very next night.

Now, the curse has struck again … because Allen feasted on a delicious buttery steak from Ruth’s Chris in Beverly Hills on Sunday night — hours after he set the record for hitting the most 3-point shots in a Finals game — and then tanked the following game!!!

*Read more about this baloney at TMZ.com.*

Article excerpt and video courtesy of TMZ.com.

June 8th, 2010

Summer Steakburgers


These amazing steakburgers (just look at that beauty!) are perfect for summer get-togethers.

This is truly a STEAKburger. Steakburgers are made from . . . well, steaks.

This one is ribeye. Oh, yum!

These guys ground up their own ribeyes to make these steakburgers. You can do it too.

OR, you can buy them ready-to-go here.

Check this out to see exactly how it’s done!

Photo courtesy of Food-e-Matters.com.

June 4th, 2010

Steak Skewers


Say that three times fast:  Steak Skewers, Steak Skewers, Steak Skewers.

Typing it isn’t much easier.

Summertime weather is teasing us, so let’s get out there and grill!

These steak skewers marinated in pineapple juice, soy and lots of other goodness are just the ticket. So tropical and summery!

Tender and moist, the skewer marinade makes this such a satisfying warm weather meal. Best enjoyed on a patio or poolside. In my humble opinion.

Check this out for more on how to make these beauties for your family this summer!

Photo courtesy of SarahsCucinaBella.com.

June 3rd, 2010

Steak – Aussie Style


Now THIS is a steak. $150 Australian dollars will get you the “Tomahawk.” A bone-in Black Angus beauty.

It’s not on the menu. You have to “know about it.” Now that’s cool.

I like the “Meat Mountain” caption. Hilarious.

They may have a battle on their hands over the “World’s Biggest Steak” title. But that’s a fight I can get behind!

Check it out!

June 1st, 2010

Memorial Day Steak Kebobs


Look what I did! Look what I did!

These . . .

. . . became these . . .

Filled with flavor and tasty goodness. Oh, these steak kebobs were such a hit at our house!

We sprinkled steak seasoning on the meat and veggies and fired up the grill. The beef did the rest.

Kebobs are so yummy when you use high quality beef like these. They really make a difference.

Hope YOU had a great Memorial Day, too!

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