November 27th, 2015

5 Reasons To Send Them Steak For Christmas

Directly after the Thanksgiving hullaballoo, it’s time to start thinking about the next holiday. Sometimes, people begin thinking about it on Thanksgiving Day! Black Friday sales, anyone?

But you can make it easy on yourself and give your loved ones, work colleagues, little league coaches, etc. a gift they will remember and enjoy – steak!

Steak for Christmas

Now, not only is this genius, it’s so, so easy on you. Just choose a cut of gift-boxed steaks and order them online. They can either be sent directly to you so you can present them in person or have them sent to your recipient’s address.

Easy peasy.

And I like my holidays to be easy peasy. Christmas in my house simply CANNOT be a time of stress. I don’t know about you but we’re blowing and going all year long to work, school, baseball, basketball and football games, school events, volunteer functions and a million social events (okay, those are for the kids, not the tired parents). So when holiday time rolls around, we like to just hang out and be together.

So here are 5 reasons to send your crew delicious, quality steaks for Christmas:

  1. They’re tasty. Duh.
  2. They’re unexpected. Not a tie. Not a mug. Steaks!
  3. They’re packaged up really nice. Meaning, that part’s done for you – boom!
  4. You can show them you’re really thinking about THEM by choosing their favorite cut. Mom likes filet mignon? That’s what she gets!
  5. It’s so easy. (This one’s my favorite).

I’ve got enough stress all year long. I don’t want additional stress over the holidays.

That’s why I just choose the best steak cuts for each person, send it to them and tell them I appreciate them.

Everybody’s happy and I get to enjoy my holidays stress-free. Sounds like a winner to me!

November 23rd, 2015

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips

Are you as excited as I am for Thanksgiving this week? All the cooking, family, friends, merriment, gratefulness. Food!!!

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips

Or are you stressed out and overwhelmed?

I used to get that way every year. Then, I changed my mindset, made a plan and turned a stressful time into a joyful time.

You can, too. All you have to do is DECIDE that’s how it’s going to be.

We have no power over Aunt Freida’s mood or Grandpa’s constant complaining. If those things are going to happen, well, they’re going to happen.

But the things we CAN control – like the food! – we can make spectacular!

You still have time to plan out your Thanksgiving menu and bowl everyone over with the dining experience – even if they have to sit by Freida.

  1. Purchase all your ingredients now. If you’re serving a turkey it needs to be thawing.
  2. Create an order in which you will prepare the food. There’s nothing worse than cold yams that weren’t meant to be cold. Make a plan ahead of time to account for all these little details.
  3. Think through your guest list. Is there enough food for this group and is there something everyone will like? (Remember Freida?)
  4. Make at least one specialty item – a new recipe, something out of the ordinary, something memorable. You still want to provide all the old favorite Thanksgiving recipes but mix it up a bit. People will remember.
  5. Think through your seating – both number of chairs and WHERE people will be seated. If Freida is annoyed by little children maybe she should be seated as far away from the little ones as possible. For YOUR sanity.
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. This one seems like it would be a given, but it’s really not. Stop and be thankful for the day and the people who chose to spend it with YOU.

Now THAT’s something to be thankful for!

November 20th, 2015

Grilling Holiday Favorites

I like to grill all year long. It’s not just for summertime fun on the patio. Those days are in the rear view mirror now. It’s fall!

But no matter the season, there’s just something about tending to food on the fire that I absolutely love. You just might have to put on a jacket to do it.

Pair that passion for the grill with the holidays and that’s a winner for me.

Where is it written that all holiday meals must be prepared in the oven?

I mean, normally you’ve got your traditional Thanksgiving recipes with a turkey cooking in the oven on the main stage of this holiday show. But what if you changed up your Thanksgiving menu a bit and grilled up something amazing?

What if it WASN’T turkey???

Grilled Prime Rib

This Grilled, Smoked Prime Rib recipe makes a GORGEOUS holiday meal. The flavors of cumin, oregano, paprika, sage and more create an absolutely delicious taste. And when grilled and smoked, this one really makes a memorable meal.

Serve it with something incredible like gourmet macaroni and cheese or even traditional dressing! This is YOUR Thanksgiving. Go crazy. Add cranberry sauce, yams and green beans. Or lima beans. You decide the menu and make it your own.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Roast

Or, try this Marinated and Grilled Tenderloin Roast recipe. It’s another fun twist on a traditional roast – it’s grilled!

Serve it with some delicious sweet potatoes and your favorite Thanksgiving dishes – or some new ones! – and you’ve got yourself a fantastic new tradition in the making.

These grilled recipes are slightly out of the ordinary. And I love the idea of putting your own stamp on this holiday!

So get out there and get grilling this Thanksgiving! You might find that this is how you want to celebrate EVERY Thanksgiving from now on!


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