March 14th, 2016

Patties for Paddy’s – Burger Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Burger Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Seems like there’s always a holiday coming up! Maybe because there’s at least one almost every month throughout the year.

And I love that. It’s a chance to celebrate and take a break from our everyday lives. What a blessing. So how do we take advantage of these special times? We can’t just let them pass without stopping and slowing down and ENJOYING. We all deserve that.

And food, to me, is what makes the holidays extra special – no matter WHAT holiday it is!

It’s Mid-March now, so that means St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. Luck o’ the Irish, everything green and lots of merriment. I can’t wait!

We all celebrate differently. Some people like to go very authentic – taking part in some very Irish traditions and customs. And that’s wonderful. I take a more casual approach to this holiday.

Many times, I like to cook up an amazing steak meal for a holiday – any holiday. But St. Patrick’s Day seems to call for a steakburger fiesta instead! Patties for Paddy’s, I say!

Want to do the same? Here are some great burger recipes to try for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration – no matter how you’re celebrating.

Start with this Alas Burger Marinade. It’s so tasty and full of fantastic flavor! It’ll make your burgers really pop. Don’t forget to add pickles and/or lettuce for a touch of green!

Then, there’s these fun Inside Out Burgers. With bleu cheese crumbles and delicious bacon, it’s a flavor sensation. You’ll cut those patties in half horizontally, and add the ingredients to two levels. Yum!

Finally, serve a Kobe Patty Melt using American Wagyu Kobe beef, rye bread and lots of deliciousness in between. They’ll love it!

So, let’s get started on planning our Patties for Paddy’s adventures. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon! Enjoy!

July 8th, 2015

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers!

Vidalia Onion Burgers

I’m busy, busy taking advantage of the sunshine and grill time I have this summer. And we’re cooking steaks like it’s going out of style.

But the REAL star of our summer?


They’re easy and everybody loves ‘em!

I like to buy a variety of steakburger flavors to keep it interesting. Vidalia onion steakburgers are delicious!

But we also like to try different burger recipes for flavor sensations that add some pop!

Now’s the time to have some fun in the sun and on the grill! Try these burger recipes this summer … Hawaiian, anyone???

June 3rd, 2015

Steakburger Recipes

Burger Recipes

Grilling time is in full swing now. How many times have you grilled burgers this season?

Well, make it feel like the first time with some new, inspiring steakburger recipes that introduce a splash of new taste to an old friend.

This Bistro Burger recipe tastes just like a great steakhouse burger. Made with Wagyu Kobe beef, it’s mixed with Dijon mustard and some other tasty surprises.

Or, try a Caprese Burger for something totally different. Melted mozzarella cheese and basil pesto? Heck yeah!

Finally, a Stuffed KC Steak House Burger is pure magic. Burgers stuffed with blue cheese, garlic and mushrooms then basted with steak sauce … just the thought makes my mouth water!

Have fun with these and other steakburger recipes in the upcoming weeks!

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