March 31st, 2011

Steak Island


Have you ever felt like this?

I’m usually feeling like the dogs, just paddling furiously trying to get to the steak.

But sometimes I feel like the steak. Just bracing for impact.

Either way, it makes me hungry for steak. Maybe that’s just because it’s a Thursday.

Or a Wednesday. Or Friday. Or Saturday…

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March 30th, 2011

You Could Win a Complete Easter Dinner!


Spiral sliced hamTwice baked potatoes. Dessert!

If those words are music to your ears, here’s your chance to indulge your taste buds with the ultimate Easter dinner.

The Kansas City Steak Company is giving away five (5) Easter dinner packages with a 7-8 lb. ham as the star of the show.

Just think, all the mouth-watering goodness of a first-class holiday meal without all the fuss!

Where do I sign up?

Well, here’s how to enter:

1)   Sign up at or the Kansas City Steak Company Facebook page (one entry per person, per week).

2)   Get additional entries by spreading the word.  Tell your friends, family, co-workers, mailman about the launch of the Kansas City Steak Company Easter Dinner Giveaway via Twitter, Facebook and/or a blog post.   You can only use each way once, but go ahead – use each option for multiple chances to win!

3)   Come back and leave a comment.  Include the link to your Tweet, Facebook or blog post about the Easter Dinner Giveaway.

Need some inspiration?  Here’s a suggested Tweet/update (but feel free to add your own personal touch to it): is giving away 5 yummy Easter Dinner Packages! Enter to win:

But don’t wait too long – this Easter Dinner Giveaway is only through April, 13, 2011!  Check out the official rules here.


March 25th, 2011

“Spacemen” Like Steaks Too!


I came across this article about astronaut John Glenn hosting Russian Cosmonaut Gherman Titov at his home for an impromptu cookout in 1962.  The headline has me in stitches:

“Spacemen Enjoy Cook-Out Despite Blackened Steaks”

Apparently, Mr. Glenn is a better astronaut than grillmaster.

It’s always fun to take a peek back in time. But what I realized is that at the core, nothing much has changed.

Check out the article here and take your own trip back in time.

Thanks for your service, Mr. Glenn! We’ll cook you a steak that is a little less well done any time!

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March 23rd, 2011

Burger-Inspired Poetry


And now, for your daily exposure to literary greatness –

My Love For Steakburgers Knows No Bounds…

Burger, burger on the wall

So sorry the poodle caught my fall.

It’s just too bad I was running late

Cuz then you might still be on my plate.

I’ll scrape you off – good as new

And wash you down with a Mountain Dew.


March 22nd, 2011

Spicy Steakburgers


You’re getting verrrry hungry. . .

Your grill is dusted off, right? Well, put these babies on!

These Two-Pepper Burgers feature jalapenos and chipotle in adobo. Ayayayayyyy!

But. . . the mayonnaise is an unexpected twist – as well as a few other goodies. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself here.

And, uh, have a beverage handy. I’m just sayin’, you’ll thank me. Really.

Happy burgering – spring has sprung!

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March 19th, 2011

Spicy Jamaican Steak Stir Fry


It wants to get warmer outside, so let’s help it along by making a Jamaican inspired meal that will awaken the sun wherever you are!

This spicy twist on Pepper Steak will have you saying, “Yeah, mon!” in no time.

And if you don’t say that, well, it just won’t taste as good.

Click here for the full recipe.

And bring on the sun!

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March 17th, 2011

St. Patty’s Steak Pie


It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Time to get our steak on – Irish style!

Come on, you know you love the green type. It’s festive!

And today is the perfect day to try Jamie Oliver’s Guinness, Steak and Cheese Pie.

It’s hearty. It’s cheesy. And best of all, it’s meaty.

How could you possibly go wrong with beef, cheese and Guinness? I ask you, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Click here for the full recipe. It’s your lucky day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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March 14th, 2011

Spring Break Steak Salad


Are you on Spring Break this week? Next week? Last week? Never?

Yeah, growing up stinks sometimes. I miss the days of just lollygagging around for a week and rejuvenating for, well, school.

It was rough.

Now, that I have two rugrats, THEY are on Spring Break. And you know what that means for me?

More work.

Entertaining. Dazzling them with my wit and knowledge. Playing games . . . 24/7.

To rejuvenate myself this Spring Break, I plan to make this yummy, springy Spring Break Steak Salad.

It propels my mind to sunny days ahead — and the day when school will be back in session.

Click here for the recipe. You might need it yourself!

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March 11th, 2011

Oh My Steak


Like hip hop music?

Like Usher?

Like steak?

Maybe you’ll enjoy this little diddy in honor of steak everywhere. It’s a love song really.

And I’m just here to share the love. Your world might never be the same.

Peace and steak be with you!

March 9th, 2011

Top 10 Steak Recipes


If you’re here, you love a good steak.

But we all have our own ideas about what makes a steak great. I like a ribeye, thinly cut, medium well with Teriyaki sauce. Don’t judge.

Some people like A-1 sauce on a thick, very pink Kansas City strip.

I don’t mock them – just like I hope they don’t mock me. There’s room for all of us, right?

Check out this list of “Top 10 Steak Recipes.” This list includes greatness like herb-crusted filet mignon, carne asada and marinated London Broil. My mouth is watering right now.

Now, I’m not sure what qualifies these particular ones as THE top 10, but it’s a good place to start.

And if you want really good meat, get it here.

What are YOUR top 10 steak recipe favorites???


March 7th, 2011

Adam Levine+Steak=Yum Yum


What do the band Maroon 5, honey and an amazing ribeye have to do with each other?

Don’t go there. Some of you were going THERE.

The answer is lead singer Adam Levine’s recipe for his Signature Steaks.

Drizzled in honey, he likes his ribeyes seasoned with Dijon mustard as well as some other goodies.

Mwah! Sounds fantastic.

If he cooks as well as he sings, this one’s a winner. I’m counting on it.

Click here to see Adam’s full recipe. Now, if I could just get Adam to come over, make us some steaks and serenade us – THAT would be excellent.

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March 6th, 2011

Steak Inspiration


This meal inspires me to do more, be more.

Do I ever think to make homemade buttermilk dinner rolls with my steak?


Should I?


They look divine. And dinner rolls are such an amazing complement to a steak dinner. Maybe going that extra mile is just what the doctor ordered!

Here is the recipe and all the details on this meal. It looks like a total winner in my book – especially if those rolls are fresh out of the oven! Enjoy!

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March 2nd, 2011

World’s First Steak Knife?


Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t see cutting my ribeye with that. But maybe I’m a little more evolved than our ancestors who used this.

But just a little.

This tiny piece of flint is thought to have been among the first steak knives used around 200,000 years ago in Israel. They found it surrounding a fire containing animal bones.

It’s amazing to think we’ve gone from that teensy bit of rock to this . . .

And I am so thankful, too, because I’m impatient as it is when I’m eating my steak. The thought of spending hours just cutting it up makes me, well, hungry.

Read the entire interesting article about this historical find here. But don’t throw away your steak knives. You’ll wanna keep those.

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March 1st, 2011

Steak Chili: You Need This


You know how your mom always told you to clean your plate?

I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem with this one.

This steak chili has a distinct stick-to-your-ribs quality that is extra appealing at this time of year. I know I’m always trying to find ways to stay warm.

The smoked paprika and chili powder give it the kick we all want, plus a little something more.

Make a huge batch of this to share and to freeze for later. I always like it when I have yumminess on hand on those days when I just don’t have enough time to make something spectacular. And with two busy kids, well, let’s just say that happens a lot.

Click here for this hearty steak chili recipe – it’s mom approved!

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