March 27th, 2009

Like You Didn’t Already Know – Steak is a #1 Seed

Over at, Jon Eick has created a Meat Madness bracket to determine a winner in all that is good and meaty.

The #1 seed in the “Red” Meat Region?

You guessed it . . . Steak.

This guy is hilarious, and might I say, brilliant.

It’s good to know there are others out there spending their precious time talking, writing and thinking about steak. 

Jon’s got a very involved bracket that requires readers’ input to determine regional winners and ultimately a champion.

It’s kind of like the NCAA Tournament and American Idol all rolled into one. Only meatier. And no one sings.

Or plays basketball.  

Head on over there and put your two cents in.

Your favorite meat will thank you. Well, you know what I mean.

Click here to join in the “madness.”