September 26th, 2014

Fall Beef Casseroles


It’s casserole time of year!

The weather starts to turn and our minds begin to turn to foods that bring warmth.

To celebrate the season, Southern Living has put together a tasty list of 7 beef casseroles to warm your heart and your belly.

Most use ground beef in these amazing recipes like beefy lasagna, chili hash brown bake and the classic shepherd’s pie.

Take a look at all 7 and try them out this fall. They’ll put a smile on your face and pep in your step – even when there’s a nip in the air!

Happy casseroling!

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September 27th, 2013

Winning Tailgating Food

Gone are the days of just a bag of ol’ corn chips and a beer before, during and after the big game.

These days, we’re SERIOUS about tailgating. And the tailgating food?

Oh, it’s on!

Tailgating Food

Take this Steak Fajita Chili (shown above), for instance. That’s not a snack. That’s a MEAL!

And rabid fans need fuel to cheer their teams on to victory.

Food Network has put together a slideshow of their Top 50 Tailgating Recipes here.

Know what I like best? Lots of them feature my favorite – beef!!!!

Like Chili in a Biscuit Bowl. And thank heavens for the edible bowl. Less trash!

And Brisket Sandwiches. Can you say YUM?

Check out all the delicious tailgating delights from Food Network. Then, head over and check out these tailgating treasures, too!

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February 28th, 2013

National Chili Day!

You might think chili is just a little ground beef and some spices, but oh it’s so much more!

So much so that today is National Chili Day! Hooray!

Did you know that the first documented recipe for chili con carne was in 1519? 1519!!!

I’d say we as a people have been enjoying this scrumptious dish for a VERY long time!

Click here to see all sorts of fun chili facts and get some great chili recipes. I mean, this is one holiday you’re going to want to get in on. This weather makes today the perfect day to enjoy a bowl of the steaming good stuff!

Happy Chili Day, y’all!

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