May 10th, 2013

Mother’s Day Steak and Lobster

Your mom deserves the best, right?

Well, does it get any swankier than Mother’s Day steak and lobster?

Mother's Day Steak and Lobster

I didn’t think so.

Choose Mom’s favorite cut and pair it with yummy lobster tails this Sunday (you know, Mother’s Day) to show her she’s something special.

Moms like that.

The gorgeous cold water lobster tails above were prepared for me by my honeys.  Awesome, no?

Here’s a fantastic resource for cooking tips for your steak AND lobster. Follow these instructions and you can’t go wrong.

Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!

April 30th, 2013

Heavenly Steak

Mike over at “Cook. Drink. Repeat.” says, “Every time a steak is ruined, a cherub dies.”

I couldn’t agree more. So . . . he gives us his fool-proof technique on his blog for cooking a rare filet which starts, interestingly enough, with drying your meat.

I had not heard that one before.

Check out his entire post at Cook. Drink. Repeat. and follow his advice to save the life of a sweet, sweet cherub.  Then, let me know how your beautiful filet turns out!

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November 29th, 2012

Cooking Steak in a Clean, Healthy Kitchen

One of the first things that can’t be overlooked before cooking a nice, juicy steak at home is a clean, healthy workspace. features an article with great tips about keeping food prep areas safe and hygienic. For instance, using separate cutting boards — one for meat and the other for veggies. We don’t want any cross-contamination.

Another important piece of cooking advice is to remember is use a meat thermometer. Cooking beef to the proper temperature (145 degrees F) is imperative.

Read on for more advice on cooking beef in a healthy kitchen.

Then, have fun cooking steaks at home!

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