July 17th, 2014

Guide to Grilling Seafood

One of my favorite seafood meals is a beautiful salmon plank.

Grilling Seafood

But grilling seafood can be tricky. Overcooked salmon planks are simply yucky.

Want to grill it?

  1. Season it first (if it’s not already done for you).
  2. Then wrap planks in foil, skin-side down.
  3. Place on grill until the internal temperature reaches 150 degrees F using a thermometer.

Yes, undercooked salmon is yucky, too! 🙂

You can also use a special seafood basket on your grill made especially for delicate meat. For me, the clean-up process is so much easier with foil and the meat seems to cook more thoroughly when wrapped.

But you decide!

And, hey, either way, you get to eat salmon when you’re done. Score!

Check out more seafood cooking tips here. Have fun exploring the world of seafood!

Photo courtesy of KansasCitySteaks.com.