March 5th, 2009

A Derivative of “Steak”


Today, class, we will be discussing a form of the word “steak” that does not get its fair share of airtime out here in the real world.

Apparently, “steaky” is actually a word that has meaning to people other than obsessive bloggers who spend hours pontificating about steak.

I, myself, have used the word “steaky” to describe something that is totally awesome. (See aforementioned obsessive blogger reference.) But I did not know the word was making the rounds in society outside of the steak community.

“Steaky” now has its own entry in the Urban Dictionary. And I am so proud I have tears welling up in my eyes.

Here’s what it says:



1. Steak-like. In reference to steak.

2. Generally a positive comment of approval or recognition.

Steaky is derived from the word steak. Steak being a tasty piece of meat of high quality. Things that are steaky thus possess steak-like qualities without actually having any implied reference to the meat.

A: I just aced the test!

B: Steaky! 


A: A love this band, their music is so steaky.

B: Their steakiness is unmatched.

cool awesome alright right-on neat

by Famous James Splinter

Notice the words I have highlighted in red above. Those are synonyms for “steaky.” And by the looks of them, “steaky” has been around since the ’70s. I don’t think I’ve used “right-on” or “neat” for decades.

So there you have it. Steak’s impact has moved BEYOND the world of food and has infiltrated the American lexicon.

Well done, steak. Well done.

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