July 24th, 2009

Like Steak? Let’s Talk.

So I found this discussion group on the ‘net called “I Like Steaks.”

I was a bit skeptical at first cuz, well, just listen to some of the members’ names. . .

There’s PhysicalWreck and the very lovely BlasphemousAngel and then there’s sks19 who’s “feeling crappy” today.


But then I read this and decided I might need to take a closer look at this discussion group:

One of my favorite ways to make a steak is to cut up onion, and a little butter, some salt and pepper and maybe a garlic clove or 2, wrap it in foil and bake or throw on a BBQ, if I want to sear the outside, I do that after it’s cooked to almost where I want it, just to get that searing, it makes for a very tender, juicy and well flavored steak.

That, by the way, was from BlasphemousAngel. More like AwesomeAngel, I’d say. The wrapping of steak in foil with the butter, onion and garlic is sheer genius.

I’ve never tried that. But I’m gonna.

Sounds like it would totally infuse the steak with juicy flavor. And that rocks.

Wanna delve deeper into the discussion? Check out the group over at ExperienceProject.com here.

And when you do, give sks19 a fist bump from me, will ya?

Comment courtesy of BlasphemousAngel via ExperienceProject.com.