May 14th, 2013

Well, That’s ONE Way to Get Your Steak Fix

See this guy? That’s Trevor Runyon.

And this weekend, he really, really, really wanted a steak.

So much so, that he snuck into a grocery store just before closing and prepared himself a feast after everyone left.

Runyon devoured SIX steaks (cooked right in the store), some beer, shrimp and birthday cake.

Our hungry friend was not so smart, though, as he fell asleep and was discovered the next morning.

Now, I get a hankering for a steak myself quite often, but I have never considered this method for obtaining one — or six.

I like to eat mine at home (after I have purchased them, mind you) and then I can fall asleep wherever I want without fear of being discovered.

That’s just how I roll.

Trevor, here’s a link to order your steaks online.  That way, you can eat them on your couch and take a little nap right there. The legal way.

You’re welcome.

Photo courtesy of AP via