July 28th, 2014

Fair Fare: Fun Foods From the Fair



It’s almost fair time across the country. And fairs are fantastic places to sample some, er, interesting treats.

Like this donut cheeseburger (above). It’s a contest to come up with the most outrageous food combinations. Some are winners. Some are not.

Fried foods are a HUGE deal at the fair.

Fried Twinkies, fried pineapple, fried burgers, fried milkshakes. You name it.

It’s a gastronomical taste explosion! And so fun!

So tell me, will YOU be going to the fair this year? What’s your favorite fair fare?

September 25th, 2013

Bacon Adventures: Sweet Potato Fries + Marshmallow Sauce + Bacon

I love bacon and everything, but this is a bit . . . gastronomically challenging.

This monstrosity was found at Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. It consists of sweet potato fries topped with an airy marshmallow sauce, then sprinkled with bacon.

Five dollars and this beaut could be all yours.

Listen, I have a love affair with bacon. But this is downright blasphemous to me. It takes away from the purity of the bacon experience.

Am I right?

You tell me! Would you eat it?

Photo courtesy of Rusty Blazenhoff/Flickr via PerezHilton.com.