March 31st, 2009

Steak Break in Fargo

I’ve got some wonderful friends in Fargo who have been working their tails off to fight back flood waters.

If you’ve been watching the news the last week, you’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of people volunteering their time to make sandbags and pile them up.

My friends have been among them.  And they are tired.

They own a restaurant in Moorhead, MN, and they live in Fargo, ND — two of the scariest places to be right now. We’ve been thinking about them a lot.

In my last phone call with them, my buddy told me he was dog tired from bending down and throwing. They finally drove out to where they took refuge (about 20 minutes away from town) after all of the preparations and plugging up of holes and hoping and praying were done.

All they could do then was wait.

So I asked him what they did as they waited to see what Mother Nature had in store for them.

Wanna know what he said?

They grilled steaks.


He said they were the best he’d ever had in his life.

I don’t know if there is anyone more deserving of a big, juicy steak than a guy who has spent the last week of his life out in sub-zero weather protecting the houses and livelihoods of people he doesn’t even know. 

And I was beginning to think that ALL the news these days was doom and gloom.

Nice work, people of Fargo. Nice work.

What? Doesn’t everything have SOMETHING to do with steak? It seems to in my world.