July 7th, 2011

Heaven is a Steakburger


Well, it seems like it sometimes.

See, we’re on vacation. And we’ve made it a rule to not eat out as much as possible on vacation.

We have kids under age 10 and all the “family-oriented” places around here are, well, deep-fried disappointment.


Plus, there are lines and waiting and complaining.

That’s not much of a vacation.

So we opt to cook our favorites at our home away from home.

And these steakburgers? Well, they were heaven.

As soon as we began cooking, the place where we’re staying filled quickly with the amazing aroma of grilled beef and we all could hardly contain our appetites until the sweet relief of a plate on the table.

No lines, no gum-chewing waitress, no bill, no TIPPING.

Just my food exactly the way I like it with incredible smoky bacon and ooey, gooey cheese.

You tell me heaven isn’t like that. I dare ya!