April 13th, 2012

Brandy and Mustard-Glazed Tenderloin Steak Video

Oh, this looks heavenly! The combo of sweet and savory is absolutely delish on a gorgeous tenderloin steak!

But you know you could use any cut you prefer.

Watch this video for a step-by-step how-to on this quick and easy meal. It includes side suggestions and easy instructions.

Couldn’t be simpler!

Happy cooking, everybody!

May 6th, 2011

Try Different Methods of Cooking a Great Steak

We all love a steak on the grill. But have you tried other ways?

Pan frying? Oven roasting?

Sometimes it’s fun to step outside the box and try something new.

Especially when it’s raining. Or 40 degrees below zero outside.

Here are some ways you might consider cooking the next time you’ve got a super duper marinated T-bone ready to go.

And my favorite bonus tip from this informative article?  “Don’t just gobble up the steak the moment you start cooking it.”

What? I shouldn’t just shove it all in my mouth immediately like the Cookie Monster?

Hilarious. But sage advice. I will try it – but no promises.

Happy cooking!

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Photo and quote courtesy of StartCooking.com.