October 2nd, 2015

Common Tailgate Mistakes

Tailgate Tips

You wouldn’t think you could mess up a tailgate – but, really, it can be done. There are some common tailgate mistakes that can really trip you up and ruin the experience. And that’s no bueno.

The most common mistake is not planning ahead. Truly, you’ve got to think of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

For instance, wherever you’re tailgating – be it a parking lot, on campus, etc. – you’ve GOT to have access to a restroom. Or an improvisational one. Nature will call and you HAVE to be ready. Seems elementary, right? But, believe me, it’s not. So think this aspect through beforehand. After all, you will be eating and drinking for hours so restroom breaks are inevitable!

Plan ahead for your food as well. Think about what you’re bringing and take along everything you’ll need to be successful. Grilling steaks? Make sure you know how to season a steak (it’s important) and don’t forget a spatula!

Steak Knives

Also, you’ve got to provide plates and utensils that will withstand cutting a steak. Not all of them will so choose wisely – and bring napkins.

And don’t get so caught up in the revelry of the pre-game action that you forget about steak grilling times.

Joe wants his steak medium rare? Ya gotta watch it. I suggest a steak grilling timer app. It’ll let you know when it’s time to turn that steak over and when it’s done, depending on the cut and how you want it cooked. That way, if you’re involved in a heated discussion about who’s better the AFC or the NFC you won’t burn Joe’s ribeye in the process.

Another common tailgating mistake is not bringing containers or bags to pack up leftovers. Bring a cooler specifically for that purpose and store those leftovers in the containers you brought so that no steak goes to waste. That’s a crime in some steaks. Maybe. I don’t know.

And last, but certainly not least, bring trash bags! If you’re out in the middle of a parking lot there most likely will not be garbage cans. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Tell me, what are some of your tailgate mistakes?

September 21st, 2015

Tailgating – Think Food!


Tailgating means different things to different people.

You first have your back-of-the-truck, hang-out-in-the-stadium-parking-lot group. I adore this bunch of fun-loving, team-spirited folks. They’re there for their team, sacrificing comfort for duty. Honorable and dedicated.

No matter the weather, they’re out there – blizzard, 100-degree temperatures, driving rain, you name it. They’re like the postmen of the tailgating arts.

Then, you have your decked-out-RV group who camps out for a week before the big game, bringing with them tents, music, TVs, folding tables and chairs, extensive grills, preparation for any kind of weather – and maybe even their own bathroom.

This group knows what they’re doing and they are in it to win it. A game is an event to be celebrated and they’re serious. The accommodations are pretty nice, too.

And, of course, you’ve got your living room fans who prefer to “tailgate” in the comfort of their own homes in front of the TV. I most often fall into this category. I’m into comfort (and central heating and air conditioning). Hey, it doesn’t mean I love my team any less.

And I’ve been a part of all three groups. I love them all equally. They’re just different types of tailgaters.

But one thing ALL tailgaters have in common?

A laser focus on food. Food and drink are what drive the tailgating experience.

On that, we can all agree.

So what type of food makes for a great tailgate experience? The answer is: Whatever you want!

I’m a steak enthusiast, so I like to grill up steaks wherever I am. Whether in my own backyard or in a stadium parking lot, steaks are always on the menu for me.

But steakburgers fit the bill, too!

You won’t walk by a tailgating crew without smelling burgers on the grill. Beautiful, delicious burgers. Not gonna happen. And rightfully so! Burgers have earned their place in the Tailgating Hall of Fame food category.

So tell me, how do you like to tailgate and what are YOU eating while you do it?