February 12th, 2009


Remember that old ketchup commercial set to Carly Simon’s song?

That’s how I feel today. My order of steaks, salmon and a cake I don’t have to bake have arrived.

I’m ready to eat them NOW. But I have to wait.

V-Day is just 2 days away. I think I can do it.

But after a week of Slim-Fast, Kashi Go Lean and countless chicken nuggets (the kids ate those — but I did have to look at them) I think I deserve my steak. Don’t you?

I hope you have a steak planned for this Saturday, too. It’s really the only way to go.

I’ve talked to a lot of my neighbors and of the ones who do have Valentine’s plans, they all involve steak — either at a restaurant or at home.

It’s not just me. I’m sure of it!

And since you probably are craving steak, too, I’ll be kind enough to share some photos of my Valentine’s meal with you.

And I promise I won’t put ketchup on it.