December 15th, 2011

Lincoln Loves Steak

Yes, that really is Lincoln eating a scrumptious steak in blue jeans and a very snazzy turtleneck.

Er, well, that’s Daniel Day-Lewis portraying Lincoln eating a scrumptious steak in blue jeans and a very snazzy turtleneck.

He’s filming a movie about the iconic president’s life and, hey, the man’s gotta eat, right? Why not a sizzling steak?

Seeing as how presidents in the 19th century did not wear jeans and turtlenecks, I gather this was on break from filming. But those guys DID, however, eat steak. There is historical documentation of that fact.

Do you think DDL was getting into character here? Or does he just really love steak?

Either, way, he’s got my vote!

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January 12th, 2009

Presidential Fare

With the inauguration of President-Elect Obama coming up, I got to thinking, what does one eat at an inaugural ball?

In later years, it seems to have gotten out of hand, these balls. At last count, the Obamas will be attending 10 official inaugural balls.

I’m so confused. We need 10 of these?

There’s no way they can eat at all of them.

So I decided to check out the menus from simpler days. You know, when they only had ONE inaugural ball to attend.

Here’s President Lincoln’s inaugural ball menu. So cool . . .


Did you see all those beef choices? And what is beef a la mode? Or beef a l’anglais?

Whatever they are, they sound delectable. Perhaps one could spread some Calfsfoot and Wine Jelly on them? 

Back then there was no tofu or soyburger in sight.  I always knew I liked that Lincoln.

Menu courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution.