May 22nd, 2012

Meat = Masculinity?

So, a new study has found that men equate meat eating with masculinity.

What does this mean for us meat-eating women?

Not much.

I don’t think I’M particularly manly because I love red meat. But I do feel it gives me nutrients my body needs. And if that’s manly — so be it.

I do like that the study found that meat eating was associated with strength and power. Yes. I’ll toast to that.

Keep in mind that this study was what was in the “male” mind. No women were included as study subjects.

I have to admit I do agree that there is something inherently powerful about eating a steak. It must appeal to our base instincts as a mammal.

Click here to read more about this meat-eating study.

But what do you think? Is meat eating manly to you?

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