October 8th, 2010

Police Seeking Meat Thief

The words send shivers down my spine.

Someone is stealing meat? It can’t be true.

But this photo is of an alleged thief who has a laser focus:  steak.

Consider this from police officer Lisa Klein…

“He filled up a hand basket and just walked out,” Klein said. “I guess he just likes steak.”

You bet he likes steak. Enough to risk his freedom and dignity.


Folks, there is a simple way to indulge your steak urges. Just pay for it! It’s the American way.

Let’s hope this guy’s shame is a cautionary tale. Just bum a few bucks off your friends if you need a steak and you’re a little short.

Case closed.

For all the details on this horrific crime, check out the full story here – if you dare.

Photo courtesy of NewsLeader.com.