June 10th, 2010

Steakgate: Fact or Fiction?

Okay, I think this is total malarkey. But these are the words being bandied about around the NBA Finals.

Seriously, steak, in my opinion, could only make a person play better!

Read this article about the NBA’s “SteakGate.” And, uh, don’t believe everything you read!

Ray Allen — Victim of the SteakGate Curse!

Originally posted Jun 9th 2010 6:25 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

Boston Celtics superstar Ray Allen was ice cold in last night’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers — missing practically every single shot — but there’s only one logical explanation for his terrible performance …SteakGate!!!!

SteakGate began back in 2008 — when Paul Pierce had a fancy steak dinner before a big NBA Finals game … and then choked (his performance, that is) the very next night.

Now, the curse has struck again … because Allen feasted on a delicious buttery steak from Ruth’s Chris in Beverly Hills on Sunday night — hours after he set the record for hitting the most 3-point shots in a Finals game — and then tanked the following game!!!

*Read more about this baloney at TMZ.com.*

Article excerpt and video courtesy of TMZ.com.