January 8th, 2016

New Years Healthy Eating – Small Portions

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier? Maybe lose some weight?

That seems to be mine just about every year. Sometimes I stick to it and sometimes I mess up – more often than not.

One bona fide way to do the right way is good old portion control. Too many times we overeat and consume way more than we need. Because, well, eating is fun. It just is. So cutting portion size is key to a healthier way of eating for many of us.

And slowing down while we eat those smaller portions makes the meal last longer.

Healthy Eating Steak Bites

And small portions are easy to control when we are mindful about it. That’s why Steak Bites – Tenderloin Tips, Strips and Medallions – are helpful. They’re pre-cut into small bite-size pieces. Just measure out what you need and you’re set.

In the same way Steak Bites are pre-cut, you can also try a Petite Boneless Ribeye. It’s a smaller cut and you’ll be less tempted to over-indulge. It’s all measured for you! (And when I say “you,” I mean “me”).

Petite Ribeye Steak

On the healthy eating front, Grass Fed Steaks are a staple of many diet plans – Paleo, low-carb, etc. Grass fed is the way to eat responsibly. Your body will thank you for it.

And there are so many cuts to choose from in the grass fed category:  Prime Rib roast, Tenderloin, Filet Mignon, Kansas City Strip Steaks, Ribeyes – Bone-in and Boneless, Top Sirloin, T-bones and so much more!

Grass Fed Boneless Ribeye

With all this variety and the option of pre-cut portions in a smaller size, there are so many ways to help ourselves eat healthier in the New Year.

We all just have to be deliberate about it and make it a priority. But healthy eating is possible if we put our minds to it. We can do it!

January 5th, 2015

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Foodies


The new year is here!

Time to make some resolutions. And if you’re a foodie (and I know you are) at least one of them must involve food.

How about trying steak tartare in the new year?

Cooking beef bourguignon?

Maybe resolve to host more dinner parties?

For me, I’d like to teach my almost-teenage son how to grill a steak.

It’s a lesson every man or woman needs.

What are your foodie New Year’s resolutions? Happy cooking and eating in 2015!

Photo courtesy of KansasCitySteaks.com.

January 7th, 2013

The Steaks Are High

Ever feel like my friend Tugger here?

That steak/perfect job/soulmate/dream home/European vacation/college degree/life goal is juuuuust out of reach?

Well 2013 is our year, people.

Let’s work to achieve at least one lofty goal this year. Whatever that is for you.

And along the way, we can enjoy some great steak to keep our energy and our spirits up.

We’ll at least be one up on old Tugger, right?

Happy 2013 to you and yours!

Photo courtesy of TuggerTails.