September 23rd, 2010

Sommelier’s Thoughts on Steak Wines

I’ve traditionally heard that a big, beefy steak requires a hearty red wine.

Truth is, I never follow that advice because I have, shall we say, unusual taste when it comes to wine.

This NY sommelier even pairs some whites with certain steaks at his restaurant. Seriously, he’s my new best friend – and we’ve never even met.

Turns out, each cut of steak requires a different wine pairing. I didn’t know that.

Read on to find out more tips on matching that perfect vino with your steak tonight!

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September 17th, 2010

NY’s Love Affair With Steak

New York City is known to be a steak haven. That’s a fact.

But I, personally, did not know it permeated even the ranks of the mayor’s office.

In a recent article this was said about Mayor Michael Bloomberg (note that the original question was about his favorite vegetable!):

In a stunning reversal of a third-term campaign promise, Mayor Bloomberg today answered a reporter’s question about his favorite vegetable with a one-word answer: “Steak.”

“I like most vegetables. I’m not big on a handful of them,” he told reporters, as transcribed by the DN’s faithful Frank Lombardi. “But I love steak.”

This absolutely rocks! When asked about vegetables he changed the subject to steak! Classic! I feel the same way. Nice to know I’m in good company!

I now love New York even more than I did before. I didn’t think that was possible.

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April 2nd, 2009

Luscious Beef Ravioli

So when we were in NYC we took a jaunt down to Little Italy. We bounced around on the subway, got off at our stop, walked through Chinatown, turned a corner and — behold!

The sights and smells of Little Italy are almost overwhelming. You KNOW you’ve arrived. There is no question.

Our only “problem” was which place to venture into for the evening.

We checked out all the menus and decided on a great little place named Paesano’s. Perfect, right?

THIS is my husband’s beef ravioli. Fresh, handmade ravioli with tender beef tucked inside, topped with homemade sauce. Unbelievable.


It was so good they had to roll us out of there onto the street.

So I’ve had this discussion with many people and we can’t quite figure it out. What IS IT about the food in NYC that makes it so good?

Some people say it’s the water. There’s something in the water.

Others say it’s the cheeses and fresh, fresh food New Yorkers have access to that in many parts of the country we don’t have access to.

Some people just laugh like they know the answer but they’re not telling.

Whatever it is, the things they can do with beef are out of this world.

Next time I’d like to rent a place with a kitchen and try out some of my standards there to see if there is any difference.

Would my meatloaf suddenly taste like Wolfgang Puck made it?

Alas, I am not Donald Trump and judging by what they charge for a shoebox-size hotel room, that idea may be nothing but a pipe dream.

But it’s an interesting theory I just may put to the test.