July 10th, 2009

Oh Heavenly Steak

We’re here in our beachy paradise and the smell of the salt water, the feel of the ocean breezes, the cool touch of the water makes this the most idyllic place on earth.

What could make it better, you ask?

Thanks for asking. Well, I had some steaks delivered right to our door here and they weren’t just any steaks. Oh, no. These were strip steaks in an onion and garlic rub.

My photo doesn’t do it justice, but see those little green flecks of heaven on the side of that luscious slice of beef? The aroma of oniony goodness while these babies were grilling was almost too much to bear.

I wanted to dive right into that first steak and not wait for anyone else. But I held myself back. And the wait was worth it.

These were really wonderful and a nice departure from the usual flavoring I use.


Here’s where I ordered these. Go get you some.

Just don’t expect the cool ocean breeze to come in the package. They haven’t figured out a way to UPS that yet.

And if they had . . . you’d better believe I would have already purchased the entire supply.

Bon appetit!