February 17th, 2014

Favorite Foods of Presidents

It’s President’s Day! As a lover of food, I want to know . . . what do the presidents of the greatest nation on Earth like to eat?

Above, you’ll see President Lyndon B. Johnson chowing down on ribs, but as a senator he liked to have a hamburger for lunch every day.

Dwight D. Eisenhower enjoyed beef stew – a man after my own heart. And Harry S Truman? Well-done steaks.

I’m on board with the steak part, but maybe ease up on the well-done aspect.

Click here to see more fascinating tidbits about the leaders of our nation and what they like/liked to eat.

And while you’re drooling over their favorite meals, have a happy President’s Day!

Photo courtesy of Bettman/CORBIS via foodandwine.com.

February 18th, 2013

Steak Sale on Presidents Day

It’s Presidents Day! Today, we celebrate our nation’s presidents.

Me? I like to wonder what they prefer to eat. That’s always fascinating to me.

And I don’t think we’ve come across a president yet who doesn’t enjoy a good, old-fashioned meaty steak.

Seems very presidential to me.

And in honor of today you can take advantage of the many “Presidents Day” sales going on. More specifically, sales on STEAK!

Check out this sale where you can get 10% off and free shipping with a purchase of $150 or more. I always like to stock up when my favorites are on sale!

Happy Presidents Day, everyone!

Photo courtesy of Hugh Morton via lifeofrefinement.wordpress.com.

February 15th, 2010

Steak — Presidents Love It

It’s President’s Day and we all know that presidents LOVE steak.

Are you sure, you say? Where are you getting your information?

Well . . .

Here, I talked about past and present presidents chowing down on steak at important get-togethers.

And here, I talked about President Lincoln’s inaugural ball menu which included, what else? Steak and lots and lots of beef choices.

So, kids, wanna grow up to be big and strong like our president? Then it stands to reason that all Americans should enjoy their favorite steak today in honor of our nation’s presidents — and those who will one day hold that office.

And, yes, a leftover slice of filet from your Valentine’s Day dinner counts. Do it for your country!

Happy President’s Day!

Photo courtesy Seth Perlman/AP.