June 14th, 2013

Beautiful Steak Kabobs

Is is just me or are steak kabobs total eye candy?

We made these last weekend with chicken and marinated steak and gorgeous veggies.

It’s like fireworks on a stick!

Grilling just appeals to all the senses and that’s what makes us feel so good, I think.

The whole experience from top to bottom is pure joy.

I especially like the eating part, don’t you? 🙂

Get out and enjoy some of these this weekend!

March 16th, 2012

A True Steak Enthusiast

I thought I was a steak enthusiast, but THIS GUY has me beat four ways to Sunday.

I love me some beef, but I gotta admit I’ve never gone this far for a juicy steak.

And that looks like a great cut of beef.

How far have YOU gone for a great steak? Have you taken it camping? Traveled to a foreign land?

Let me know! I want to know who is the GREATEST steak enthusiast!

Photo courtesy of tcj on the BackCountryPilot.org forum.