April 22nd, 2016

Tailgating Burger Bar

When you get together to tailgate and watch a baseball game what do you feed your hungry baseball fans?

Chips and salsa can’t be everything. Just bean dip? Nope. Pretzels. Sure, but there has to be something more.

Baseball tailgating deserves a MEAL. A real meal.

Hot dogs make sense, for sure. They’re all-American and synonymous with baseball. Steaks are incredible. They make everything a special occasion.

But how about going at it from a different angle? Why not create a really special dining experience for your crew?

Try a tailgating burger bar! It’ll have everyone talking the whole season long.

Tailgating Burger Bar

We all know there are all kinds of ways to enjoy a steakburger. So gather up some great recipes and let your guests have at it. Serve up lots of different variations on the burger and everyone will be happy. Even the kids and your pickiest baseball fan!

Boneless Ham

Try this recipe for a Cuban Burger. It has a decidedly flavorful essence and the great surprise is the addition of ham! How can you go wrong adding delicious ham? That’s not your everyday burger, for sure. Now we’re talking.

Another way to create a very different burger experience is with a burger sauce. This recipe for Jamaican Beef Pattie Sauce is a new twist on an old-fashioned burger. Made with coconut milk, shallots, curry and habanero peppers it’s got quite a kick!

Smoke N Peppa Burger Sauce

Offer up some additional sauce choices and there will be something special for everyone to enjoy at your tailgating burger bar.


Be sure to include all the condiments anyone would need – relish, bacon, ketchup, mustard, mayo, cheese of all kinds, pickles, you name it! Don’t leave anything out.

American-Style Kobe Steakburger

And if you really want to go all out, offer different bun options. Brioche is a nice departure from the everyday white. But be sure to have those on hand, too.

Have fun with your very own baseball tailgating burger bar!

April 7th, 2016

National Beer Day – A Tailgater’s Guide to Beer Pairings

It seems as though there is a “day” for everything nowadays. But I figure, that way, everyone can be happy on at least one of those days. Right?

As it happens, National Beer Day is today. And I have a feeling LOTS of people are going to be happy about that.

At this time of year, beer and baseball are a natural pairing – if you’re WATCHING baseball, that is. And, hey, beef and beer go great together, too. So, let’s whip out our steak recipes and pair ‘em with some beer while we watch ourselves some baseball. Not only is it National Beer Day, but it’s tailgating time!

Bone-in Filet Mignon Beer Pairing

Maybe you’ve got some ideas and favorite beers in mind. But if you’d like to expand your palate, I can help you out with your beer selections. Allow me to share with you my tailgater’s guide to beer pairings for your quick reference when it’s game time…

Tailgater’s Guide to Beer Pairings

First up, how about a hearty Ribeye Steak Sandwich? Delicious while watching some baseball. Feel free to pair it with an English Pale Ale or American Brown Ale. The beer’s flavor is ideal for that steak sandwich.

Going to serve BBQ Beef Burnt Ends at your tailgate gathering? Those bite-sized pieces of slow cooked, hickory smoked brisket will go magnificently with a Stout or Porter. Both beers offer the roasty bitterness that darkened malts are known for and they go great with this barbecue beef. Perfecto!

Barbecue Beef

Any Kansas City bbq you might serve would be enhanced by a Brown Ale. This beer is a little less aggressive than the Porters and Stouts but are still similar. And it might ease you into the dark beer stratosphere. So if you like the sound of that, give it a go!

Have fun creating your own beef and beer taste pairings this baseball season. And when you do, toast to National Beer Day for me!

October 2nd, 2015

Common Tailgate Mistakes

Tailgate Tips

You wouldn’t think you could mess up a tailgate – but, really, it can be done. There are some common tailgate mistakes that can really trip you up and ruin the experience. And that’s no bueno.

The most common mistake is not planning ahead. Truly, you’ve got to think of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

For instance, wherever you’re tailgating – be it a parking lot, on campus, etc. – you’ve GOT to have access to a restroom. Or an improvisational one. Nature will call and you HAVE to be ready. Seems elementary, right? But, believe me, it’s not. So think this aspect through beforehand. After all, you will be eating and drinking for hours so restroom breaks are inevitable!

Plan ahead for your food as well. Think about what you’re bringing and take along everything you’ll need to be successful. Grilling steaks? Make sure you know how to season a steak (it’s important) and don’t forget a spatula!

Steak Knives

Also, you’ve got to provide plates and utensils that will withstand cutting a steak. Not all of them will so choose wisely – and bring napkins.

And don’t get so caught up in the revelry of the pre-game action that you forget about steak grilling times.

Joe wants his steak medium rare? Ya gotta watch it. I suggest a steak grilling timer app. It’ll let you know when it’s time to turn that steak over and when it’s done, depending on the cut and how you want it cooked. That way, if you’re involved in a heated discussion about who’s better the AFC or the NFC you won’t burn Joe’s ribeye in the process.

Another common tailgating mistake is not bringing containers or bags to pack up leftovers. Bring a cooler specifically for that purpose and store those leftovers in the containers you brought so that no steak goes to waste. That’s a crime in some steaks. Maybe. I don’t know.

And last, but certainly not least, bring trash bags! If you’re out in the middle of a parking lot there most likely will not be garbage cans. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Tell me, what are some of your tailgate mistakes?