February 15th, 2016

Why Choose USDA Prime?

I’m a steak lover. An enthusiast, if you will.

And I love great steaks. They make my world sunnier, my senses keener and, frankly, my day better.

I DON’T like steaks that merely pass for steak, though. Tough meat. Yuck. No juice or flavor. Ick.

That’s just sad. And so not worth it. That’s really just a tease.

choose USDA Prime

So when I eat a steak there is no debating – USDA Prime vs. Choice. I choose USDA Prime every time.


It’s not a matter of snobbery. Although it could be perceived that way. Because…

USDA Prime is only actually qualified to have that moniker if it’s the top 1-2% of beef available. It’s the top grade that the USDA bestows upon a steak. This grade has the most amount of marbling – the fat running through the beef – that gives it extraordinary flavor and buttery texture. USDA Prime is the highest quality.

In a word – exquisite.

That’s why there is no question for me. If I’m eating steak I want it to be a great experience. Or else, what’s the point?

Look, I don’t eat steak every day. I wish I did. But I don’t. So when I do I want it to be special. Even if I’m eating with a crowd. So I go for USDA Prime when it’s my grill.

But hey, when I’m a guest I can’t always control that. Unless I offer to bring my own steaks. Which I always do.

It’s not rude – it’s “helpful.” People actually love it when you pitch in.

So next time it’s BYOS – Bring Your Own Steaks – remember to treat yourself right and go for the USDA Prime steaks. It’ll be a great memory instead of just a so-so memory.

You can thank me later!

March 11th, 2015

Primed for USDA Prime

USDA Prime Filet Mignon

Know what time it is?

It’s Prime Time!

I like to treat myself to some really high quality USDA Prime steaks when the mood strikes. And when I do, I know I’ll get steaks that are tender and finely marbled and – most importantly – delicious!

The cold weather has me searching for any way possible to change my mood to a sunnier one. And, well, great food does that for me!

What I really like, especially when my mother comes over, are some Super Trimmed Filet Mignons. She’s a big fan of the petite tenderness of filets. And when they’re USDA Prime – they’re that much tastier.

Good food and good people definitely put me in a better mood. And that’s good for everyone around me.

So what are your cold weather blues solutions? Do they involve Prime steaks, too?

January 2nd, 2015

15 Ways to Beef Up Your 2015


We beef lovers have so many choices when it comes to main courses. And it’s so fun to be able to explore all those options.

This is my list of 15 ways you can BEEF up the new year in style:

  1. Applewood Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon
  2. Tenderloin Medallions
  3. Chateaubriand
  4. Flat Iron Rubbed Steak
  5. Steakburgers!
  6. Peppercorn and Sea Salt Kansas City Strips
  7. Flank Steak in Sweet BBQ Sauce
  8. Beef Brisket
  9. Caramelized Onion and Gorgonzola Sliders
  10. All Beef Hot Dogs
  11. Wagyu Kobe Beef
  12. Garlic and Herb Prime Rib Roast
  13. BBQ Beef Burnt Ends
  14. Porterhouse Steak
  15. USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeye Steak

So many choices … and only a year to get through them.

Now go get some beef and start working on this list. This’ll be fun!

Photo courtesy of KansasCitySteaks.com.