January 18th, 2016

Why Buy Steaks Online?

Steaks Online

Well, folks, it’s wintertime. As much as I try to deny it to myself – it’s winter.

Snow is falling. I have to wear a coat when I go out. And the grass in my lawn is not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Yep, it’s cold and I am not a fan of cold weather. It hurts my skin, my bones, my soul.

But since I can’t wish winter away, I need a pick-me-up. And for me, that means steaks!

A great steak ALWAYS makes me feel better. I rejoice in its juiciness and I forget, just for a moment, that it’s winter outside.

And, well, my husband volunteers to fire up the grill and brave the weather outside to tend the steaks so I won’t be quite so grouchy. It’s really a win for everyone.

When I’m shopping for my steaks, I find the best steaks online. They’re a much higher quality than what you can find in your local supermarket. And you can have them on hand when you have an emotional steak emergency as I am apt to do.

You can shop for any cut from ribeyes to filet mignon to Porterhouse steaks. And these are restaurant-quality steaks. No need to get out in the snow and drive to a restaurant. You can even enjoy USDA Prime steaks at home. No reservations required. Or if you’re really in the mood for something delicate and special – you can order Wagyu Kobe beef. Yes – online! It’s delish.

Seriously, online is the way to go. There is no maitre ‘d telling you it’ll be a three-hour wait. No teeny, tiny table near the bathroom. No tipping. And no one will judge you when you want your steak medium well.

Unless, of course, you’re married to someone who has a strong opinion about that. But that’s between you two.

Happy online steak shopping!