September 13th, 2012

Pairing Steak and Wine

I love steak. And I love wine.

Pairing steak and wine together? That’s magic.

Filet Mignon

I never know what wine I’m supposed to pair with what so this handy guide is perfect for someone like me. I need all the help I can get.

And it’s not just for steaks, it tells you what to pair with salmon, chicken – even cheese.

Check out this guide and bon appetit!

Pairing Steak and Wine

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April 5th, 2012

Ultimate Steak Manual has created an “Ultimate Steak Manual” so that we can all prevail in the “battle of the beef.”

Translation:  You can one-up your friends when it comes to cooking the best steak dinner.

And that’s a cause I can get behind.

But, in order to create the ultimate steak experience, one must first educate oneself on all matters beefy.

Here, the Shortlist provides us a guide so that we can get a leg up on the competition. From knowing your cuts of beef to pairing the perfect wine, this guide has it all.

An educated competitor is one to be reckoned with. So read up, my friends – then get out there and win the battle of the beef!

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December 24th, 2010

Wine to Serve With Christmas Beef

Here’s a tasty tip for your Christmas dinner beverage (if it includes a wonderful roast beef or prime rib).

Serve this wine and your guests will think you divine!

Have a very, very merry Christmas, everyone!