September 22nd, 2008

The View From Here

So I’m visiting some friends just outside of Boston. It’s gorgeous this time of year (and actually any time of year). They have just celebrated the grand opening of their new, larger restaurant with an expanded menu and lots more space.

You can check them out here if you’re ever in the area.

I am very proud of them. They ARE the American dream. Hard workers, diligent, caring, committed. I want to be them when I grow up.

Here’s their philosophy of life summed up on a wall in their restaurant . . .

See why I like them so much?

So I go up to the top deck at their house to relax for a moment and just take in the beauty that is Massachusetts. And this is what I see . . .

Yes, folks, that’s a river AND an ocean. But it gets even better. It was around lunchtime and wafting up onto that deck was the most delicious smell of steaks grilling. I sat looking out onto the water and soaked in the sights and smells. It was surely one of the last outdoor weekends they will have in those parts for a while.

I got so hungry I could hardly stand it. So that night I got my fill of steak skewers. I think I ate my weight in meat.

Oh, but it was so worth it. The water, kind friends, great steak and time to relax.

It’s the simple things that make life so great.

September 19th, 2008

Steak of Life

This is a new one on me. But my philosophy is, hey, whatever floats your boat.

Some football fans in Kansas City have a ritual involving steak, football greats and a mean forward pass. You can try this on Sunday, but don’t blame me if you have to eat steak with little bits of asphalt in it. Here’s the skinny from . . .

From Brian D. a KC Chiefs Tailgater

This is an Arrowhead tradition since 1999 and can be found at every Chiefs’ home game.

The act of tossing meat amongst friends is rumored to bring eternal life. To date hundreds have eaten the Steak of Life but not one has passed away.

1 single 1.5 lbs inexpensive steak

1 black and white printed photo of either Jan Stenerud or Christian Okoye
Red wine vinegar to taste
Worcestershire to taste
Cheap red wine to taste
Cheap bourbon (preferable Ten High) to taste

Combine liquid ingredients in Tupperware with steak. Add photo of KC Chief Legend. Allow at least 4 hours to marinade to allow the Ghosts of Chiefs’ Past to fully penetrate the meat. Once at Arrowhead (preferably lot C7), light the charcoals and allow them to heat up. Very important, do not use a gas grill. Cook the steak for approximately 4 minutes a side.

To Serve-
One Chiefs fan takes the steak off the grill and yells “Steak of Life!” followed by one large bite. The first Chiefs fan then throws the steak in the air into a large group of frenzied Chiefs fans. The steak is caught, or picked up off the ground/vehicle, another bite is taken and the steak is again thrown into the air. This routine continues until the steak is finished. One popular method of catching the steak is with the mouth. However, this requires tremendous focus. Clean up with baby wipes.

September 18th, 2008

I Don’t Know, Man

This is a photo of a 72-oz. steak that’s *FREE — if you can eat it all in one sitting. You can find it at the Big Texan Steak Ranch.

I love steak. But I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean I have to eat so much of it it’s coming out of my pores.

You can check out some interesting facts about the 72-ouncer here. One little tidbit that caught my attention:  the youngest person to finish the steak in the allotted time was ELEVEN YEARS OLD.

Child Protective Services, anyone?

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