October 18th, 2013

Bacon Milkshake, Anyone?


The Texas Motor Speedway is getting in on the bacon action – again.

They already offer bacon cotton candy (really?) but now, for your dining pleasure, they are introducing the Shake’n Bacon … a milkshake made with bacon.

I’m wondering (like many of you, I’m sure) if the whole thing didn’t come from the racing movie icon Ricky Bobby and his famous “shake and bake” mantra.

This concoction has been created by a chef, though, and I think they’re pretty serious about it. Ricky Bobby may be a little too low brow for these folks.

What do you think? Is a bacon milkshake at the racetrack a solid idea or a recipe for disaster?

Photo courtesy of Texas Motor Speedway via wfaa.com


September 25th, 2013

Bacon Adventures: Sweet Potato Fries + Marshmallow Sauce + Bacon


I love bacon and everything, but this is a bit . . . gastronomically challenging.

This monstrosity was found at Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. It consists of sweet potato fries topped with an airy marshmallow sauce, then sprinkled with bacon.

Five dollars and this beaut could be all yours.

Listen, I have a love affair with bacon. But this is downright blasphemous to me. It takes away from the purity of the bacon experience.

Am I right?

You tell me! Would you eat it?

Photo courtesy of Rusty Blazenhoff/Flickr via PerezHilton.com.

September 6th, 2013

Bacon Cheese Avocado Steakburger!


Feast your eyes upon the most beautiful – and delicious – steakburger this household has ever seen!

It is a most masterful creation. And I can’t even take credit for this one. My mother lovingly crafted this baby and we almost didn’t want to eat it. We didn’t want to disturb its beauty and grandeur.

But we ate it anyway.

I mean, let’s see, we’ve got bacon (drool), avocado (good for you) and cheese (makes everything better) on top of a meaty steakburger.

I can’t see anything wrong with this picture.

Try this one yourself. But try to control yourself a little better than we did. We wished we had more time with it before it was gone.

Maybe you’ll have more luck.

But fat chance.


September 3rd, 2013

Breakfast of Champions


September is All American Breakfast Month.

And that works for me. There pretty much isn’t a breakfast food I don’t love. So why not celebrate it all month?

But one thing is up in the air:  We can’t all seem to agree on what exactly makes an “All American Breakfast.”

I suppose it’s whatever makes you happy.

To some, it’s oatmeal, grapefruit, nuts, milk and juice.

For me, it MUST include bacon. And eggs. And toast. Plus orange juice.

But, I cannot forget about our friends who enjoy the mighty steak and egg breakfast. Especially Kansas steaks. Can you imagine USDA prime steaks for breakfast? My mouth is watering right now.

Or ham and eggs. Now THAT’S a breakfast!

We can’t forget about pastries, bagels and donuts also. And cereal!

So with all that swirling in your mind, what does the All American Breakfast mean to you?

The great thing is, if you don’t already know you can take all month to figure it out!

Photo courtesy of KansasCitySteaks.com.

August 30th, 2013

Perfect Labor Day BBQ


Looking for inspiration for your fabulous Labor Day BBQ?

Look no further.

People magazine has a sweet slideshow of amazing spreads for your perusing pleasure.

Behold the finger-licking goodness of the Cali Lettuce-Wrap Burger (above), made with lean ground beef and no bun!

Then, feast your eyes upon an Herb-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin, Apple Cider BBQ Ribs and Bacon BBQ Oysters. Yes, oysters! With bacon!

There are gorgeous desserts and fruity drinks, plus decadent sides you can make to create one awesome barbecue.

Or . . . you can just look at the purty pictures and drool.

Either way, check out these masterpieces here. And have a happy, happy Labor Day!

Photo courtesy of Raymond Hom via People.com

August 23rd, 2013

Bacon Soda: Good or Evil?


Just . . . no.


Are you with me on this? I feel like this takes something so sacred (you know, BACON) and just turns it into something so wrong.

Am I right?

Have you tried bacon soda? Would you? Could you?

Photo courtesy of coolmaterial.com.

June 19th, 2013

Bacon Wedding?


Just when I think I’ve seen it all – there’s more.

A couple in San Diego recently got married in a BACON-THEMED WEDDING. That’s a photo of the bouquet above. It’s made of bacon.

You read it correctly. Bacon. Bacon was the theme.

These two lovebirds apparently fell in love due to their fondness for the pork treat.

But I’ve got news for them. My hubby and I FIGHT over the last piece of bacon. THAT’S what a mutual love of bacon gets you, folks.

It seems all lovey-dovey now. But wait until Sunday morning when you’re the last one to sit down to the breakfast table and there are literally only scraps of bacon left.

Let’s see how twinkle-eyed they feel then.

Perhaps I digress.

You can read more about this bacon wedding here and see all the purty pictures of their pork-related decorations. (They sprinkled bits of bacon down the aisle in front of the happy couple. Yeah.)

Think YOU’D ever go this far for your love of bacon?

Photo courtesy of San Diego County Fair via DailyMail.co.uk.

May 9th, 2013

Bacon: Secret to Longevity


105-year-old Pearl Cantrell attributes her long life to . . . bacon?

Yes. Bacon.

“I love bacon. I eat it every day,” Pearl says.

All I can say is, “Bacon lovers rejoice!”

If it’s good enough for Pearl, it’s good enough for me.

To read more about bacon-loving Pearl and to see video of this Texas treasure click here.

And take some great advice from someone who’s lived a long, illustrious life – eat your bacon!

Photo courtesy of KansasCitySteaks.com.

April 26th, 2013

Bacon Love


I’m SURE this is true for me.

Luckily, my hubby loves bacon as much as I do.

Or is that lucky? Who gets the last piece?

Something to ponder over the weekend – over a plate of bacon!

Graphic courtesy of SomeEcards.com.

April 1st, 2013

April Fool’s Bacon?


Maybe you’ve seen the ads for this bacon mouthwash. What’s the verdict – do you think it’s an April Fool’s Day joke?

I mean, I love bacon, but honestly I usually use mouthwash AFTER I’ve had bacon. At the same time? Nah.

I would be tempted to try it. You know, for society’s sake and all.

What do you think? If it’s a real product, will you buy it?

February 15th, 2013

Weekend Steak


Are you ready for the weekend? Maybe you have some making up to your Valentine to do.

Whatever the case, it calls for a well-prepared steak. And Rachael Ray’s got just the meal for you.

Watch the video above and then follow the step-by-step instructions for these Cast Iron Steaks and Bacon-Wrapped Potato Skins.

Yeah, I said bacon.


If you had to work on Valentine’s Day or simply forgot — this just might get you out of the doghouse with your sweetie!

Go on, share the love! Happy weekend, everybody!

January 11th, 2013

Bacon Excuses


Already only a few days into the “exercise resolution” I am dreaming of bacon instead.

This shirt says it all.

I guess making excuses is just par for the course, right?

Par for the course.

Mmmm…four course…

Four course meal…

Four course meal with bacon-wrapped filets.

Yep, I’m sunk.

Welp, there’s always next year!

Photo courtesy of Randomly Funny Stuff.

December 24th, 2012

Christmas Eve Steak & Spinach Pinwheels


Behold the beauty that is a steak and spinach pinwheel!

These are the perfect Christmas Eve meal when you’ve got hungry holiday revelers to feed.

Made with flank steak, spinach, bacon and other amazing ingredients, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Check out the entire steak pinwheel recipe and make this one a new holiday tradition!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Photo courtesy of GooseberryPatch.com

December 18th, 2012

The Art of Bacon


Still looking for a last-minute holiday gift for that special someone?

If he/she likes bacon, this is it.

It’s a portrait of Kevin Bacon . . . made entirely of bacon.

Does it get more appealing than that?

I think not.

Happy holidays and may the bacon be with you.

Photo courtesy of www.gentlemint.com.

November 22nd, 2012

Bacon-y Thanksgiving


Is this a work of art or what? It gives new meaning to “turkey bacon.”

How have I never thought of this before? I put bacon on top of my meatloaf, why not my Thanksgiving turkey?

What beautiful smells and flavors this will give forth!!!!

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food and good cheer. There is much to be thankful for!

And bacon is one of them.

Photo courtesy of 104.9 The Gump.


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