February 4th, 2010

6 Belt-Busting Steak Challenges

Think you can hang with the big boys?

Here are 6 steak challenges you can try if you’ve got frequent flier miles, some stretchy pants and a HUGE appetite.

Luckily, though, for most of them, if you complete the challenge your meal is free! Bonus!

6)  72 Oz. World Famous Big Texan

  • 4.5 lbs (72 oz)
  • ~5,400 calories
  • The Big Texan Steak Ranch – Amarillo, Texas

In 1960, Bob Lee opened The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo Texas on Route 66. Shortly after, the “free if you can eat it” steak challenge came to life.

Since then, tens of thousands people from around the world have traveled to Amarillo and attempted to eat the 72-oz. sirloin steak & sides. Do it under 60 minutes and the meal is free. Fail and you pay $72.

Some have succeeded; many have failed.

In March 2008, American competitive eater,  Joseph Chestnut , finished the meal in under 9 minutes!

Some things that weigh about the same:

  • Steel toe work boots
  • A cat
  • A Macbook
  • 4.5 pounds of feathers

Steak Challenges

(Image via Big Texan)

5)  72 Oz Steak Challenge at The Lone Star

  • 4.5 lbs (72 oz)
  • ~5,400 calories
  • The Lone Star – Toronto, Canada

The Lone Star in Toronto also has a 72-oz. steak challenge. Eat the sirloin with all the trimmings in under 1 hour and it’s free. Fail and you pay $54.99.

The staff at the Lone Star reports that around 10% of the people who attempt the steak challenge are able to finish it. A recent winner provided the following suggestions:

  • Train ahead of time – try to eat a lot of the same thing in one sitting.
  • On the day of, eat as light as possible, but make sure you eat little things throughout the day so your stomach doesn’t shrink.
  • Cut the steak from one side only to keep as much moisture in as possible. If the steak is dry it will be harder to chew.
  • Order rare (easier to chew.)
  • 1 hour goes by fast – don’t stop chewing!

(Image via Gghpt.com)

4)  76 Oz. Steak Challenge at J & R’s Steak House

  • 4.75 lbs (76 oz)
  • ~5,700 calories
  • J & R’s Steak House – 6 Locations in New York

Moving up in weight classes, J & R’s steak challenge weighs in at just less than 5 pounds. A clay brick weighs about 5lbs.   Finish 76 oz. of steak in under an hour and it’s free. You also get your name on the Wall of Fame and a T-Shirt. Lose and you pay $59.99.

Boss “Hog” Calhoun (pictured below) has finished the challenge 4 times!

(Images via J and R’s Steakhouse)

3)  80 oz. Thorny’s Steak Challenge

  • 5 lbs (80 oz)
  • ~6,000 calories
  • Thorny’s – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Weighing in at the equivalent of a 5-lb. bag of sugar, Throny’s in Myrtle Beach takes our 3rd position. Eighty ounces of sirloin beef plus a baked potato, roll and salad must all be consumed in 60 minutes. Do that, and the meal is free. Fail and you pay $70.

Throny’s in Myrtle Beach is conveniently located a few blocks from some major tourist attractions including the beach, Ripleys Aquarium and less than 2 miles from Myrtle Waves Waterpark.  After you’re done downing your 80 oz. of beef you could go for a swim – just be sure to wait 30 minutes, errr umm, maybe 30 days.

(Image via The Sun News)

2)  96 Oz. Kelsey’s 6 Pound Challenge

  • 6 lbs (96 oz)
  • ~7,200 calories
  • Kelsey’s – Valparaiso, Indiana
  • 96-oz. Top Sirloin Steak
  • Potato
  • Small House Salad or Soup
  • 1 Slice of Bread

Six pounds! To help put that into perspective, a child’s bowling ball weighs 6 pounds. If you can eat it all in one hour your dinner is FREE. Fail and you pay $42.95.

About 10 people a year attempt the challenge. Over the past 23 years only 5 people have succeeded. The latest winner did so in 52 minutes. He said, “I never tried to do anything like it before. I’m not a massive eater…It was cut and chew, cut and chew, cut and chew.”

(Image via Kelsey’s Steakhouse)

1)  120 Oz. Gregory’s Steakhouse

  • 7.5 lbs (120 oz)
  • ~9,000 calories
  • Gregory’s Steakhouse – Allentown, Pennsylvania

Weighing in at the equivalent of 2 ½ phone books – Gregory’s Steakhouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania, takes number one with a whopping 7.5 lbs. of ribeye. That’s about 9,000 belt-busting calories!

There’s no time limit and if you conquer the steak, you not only get a free meal, you also get your picture on the wall.  According to Gregory’s staff, several people have finished the giant steak, but no official timed eating record has been established. It’s rumored that back in 1992 a kid finished the steak. Competitive eater, Joey Chestnut (who also holds the 72-oz. Big Texan speed record) did it at only 8 years old!

(Image via Flickr.com)

15 Responses to “6 Belt-Busting Steak Challenges”

  1. The Guitar God Says:

    I like a steak like the next man, but there is just no way I could even make a dent on these… 🙁

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  2. Sebastian Says:

    Does anyone know of a restaurant in or around the greater Kansas City Metro Area that has a steak challenge like these??

  3. Mmmm Says:

    Joey Chestnut is an American treasure!

  4. Deonte' Says:

    Its not a steak challenge if u have to eat more than steak… Thats called a dinner challenge

  5. Brian "The Gray Ghost" Says:

    My cousins husband Dominic, and I are considered the big eaters in the family, however I might struggle attempting this challenge at Kelsey’s, in Valparaiso IN. Dom ( Nick ) will nail it,no problem……

  6. Allison Proctor Says:

    I love steak so much, I would probably take the challenge, but that’s so many calories, I don’t know if I could take it!!!!

  7. Gourmet Dining Says:

    Just wondering if these steak challenges are still available. I’ve never heard of one in Vancouver, BC, Canada where I’m from. All I’ve heard of is a lame 2-pound burger challenge at Two Parrots in downtown Vancouver.

  8. Steak Enthusiast Says:

    It looks like at least a few are still available after a quick check, but it might be time to post some updated information. Thanks for the great question!

  9. Eduardo Muench Says:

    I ordered the Big Texan in Amarillo yesterday. No challlenge just a bucket list item. I shared it with my girlfriend and her two girls. There.were three guys from Canada, Australia and USA. That did attempt the challenge while.we were there. Pretty exciting.

  10. Steak Enthusiast Says:

    Sounds like great practice, Eduardo! 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed!

  11. Tasker W. Says:

    3 years ago I attempted the Big Texan steak challenge and was disqualified for a sharting incident. I never left the table and was led to believe only throwing up would result in disqualification. I protested the ruling and the other diners voiced their objections and I ended up with a 50% reduction on the total bill.

  12. Steak Enthusiast Says:

    Glad you were able to get a reduction on the total bill. Ever think about trying it again?

  13. Zerin Akter Says:

    I love steak and Steak Kebabs when i watch video on youtube i am hungry for the Steak.

  14. ResonanceDefined Says:

    Yeesh, steak is great, but not that much in one sitting.

  15. bruce Says:

    I’m assuming 72 oz. is the weight before cooking?