January 21st, 2008

A movie about steak? C’est magnifique!

Apparently, in 2007 a French movie was released as a “sci-fi/comedy” (huh?). Its title?


My first thought was, What could be better than an entire movie about steak? But upon further investigation I don’t see any mention of succulent beef at all in the movie’s advertisement.

Mind you, all the movie propaganda is in French and I took Spanish in college, so that’s kind of a barrier. But all the related pictures show people in weird masks with red jackets and too-short pants. They look like a bunch of thugs from The Outsiders with Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, etc.

Steak, however, features such stars as the ever-popular Eric Judor and the irrascible Sebastien Tellier.


Yeah, I’ve never heard of them either.

And so, I will continue the journey to find a movie that prominently features my favorite carnivorous treat.

Surely there are some great steak shots in The Godfather trilogy. . .