August 19th, 2013

A Very Beefy Back To School

It’s the all-important back-to-school time!

Around my house, we like it but then we don’t like it.

We DON’T like it because that means summer is over and colder weather is looming. 🙁

Also? Hectic, hectic schedules. Homework, activities . . .

We DO like it because it’s a new school year full of exciting new beginnings. And the arguing between kids goes way down. We’re simply too busy.

Which gets me to my next subject. DINNER.

That’s always a tough one when we’re going in four different directions at night.

But that’s why I love Bake & Serve Gourmet meals when school starts. Literally, you pop them in the oven and then serve.

Plus, they’re really delicious! One of my all-time faves is Beef Wellington. So, so yummy.

There are lots of other great options like brisket, ham, baby back ribs, etc.

Check ’em out and save yourself some back-to-school headaches! I will be stocking up for sure!

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