October 28th, 2009

All Hallow’s Steak


It’s Halloween time!

So how do I celebrate?

Why, with a steak, of course. A Halloween steak.

It’s been a particularly challenging week here at the Steak Enthusiast casa, so it was time to stop, give ourselves a break and enjoy something we know always brings our spirits up.

This Kansas City strip was absolutely divine. And enjoying it on a Tuesday night was awesome. No special occasion — we just needed it.

The kids are looking forward to Saturday night when they will run around the neighborhood in their costumes, giggling and spilling candy with us trotting after them, lamenting how we’re too old for this.

You know, Halloween traditions.

Having this steak got us ready to take it all on.

So, really, what makes this a “Halloween steak?”

I put it on a plate next to a plastic pumpkin.

Any other questions?

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