October 20th, 2011

Baseball Steak

THIS, my friends, is what’s known as baseball steak. And with the World Series revving up between the Rangers and Cardinals, what better time to serve them as a nod to America’s pastime?

Baseball Steak

The baseball steak is most often Top Sirloin, at least 2 inches thick, and it gets its name from the puffed up shape it has when it’s cooked. Much like a baseball!

Yours can be served with or without bacon, but really, when there’s a choice do you really say no to bacon?

Livestrong.com has a great page on several different ways to cook a baseball steak – complete with all the steps and ingredients you’ll need. Check it out here.

So get your Top Sirloin out (you can order some great beef here) and let’s play ball!

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