March 22nd, 2013

Basketball Players Need Steak!

In this article, the University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball coach laments his team’s restrictions on food put on them by the NCAA.

The team – and all NCAA teams – must adhere to the strict three meals a day rule and no more. His players are going hungry!

Imagine burning 2,500 calories a pop and not being able to refuel your body if it’s not a set mealtime. Elite athletes don’t work this way!

Folks, we can’t change the NCAA rules but we can eat for our teams, right?

That’s how I look at it. As I watch the NCAA Tournament games this weekend I’ll be fueling up for those guys.

It’s the least I can do. But, really, I wish I could send them a big Porterhouse (see above). Surely that would get them through!

But, apparently, that would be like buying them a car according to the rules. Don’t want to violate any rules.

What do you think? Should the rules be changed to allow players to eat when their bodies need it? They’re starving!

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