June 24th, 2008

Beans, Beans, Beans

It’s summer and we’re all spending lots of time outside making some great meat. But if you’re looking for ways to change up the same old grilling dishes why not try some different sides?

Bush’s Beans has come out with their new Grillin’ Beans. It’s 4 flavors of beans — each with an intended purpose. The Steakhouse Recipe flavor is supposed to complement a yummy ribeye or beef tenderloin or any other steak you like.

They even have recipes that go with each flavor on their site that you can try. Of course they do! They want you to buy their beans!

Check it out anyway if you are looking to freshen up your already perfect meat dishes. If nothing, you can at least look at photos of that cute Golden Retriever they always have on their commercials — Duke. I love that guy!

Here’s the link:


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