February 20th, 2009

Beef Burglar?

I do not condone burglary in any way shape or form, but you can see how this guy couldn’t help himself . . .


Burglar Breaks Into Home, Makes Himself a Steak

Monday, February 09, 2009

PEORIA, Ill.  —  Police in Peoria say a local man returned to his home to find someone had broken in, but nothing was missing — except a $6 steak that he had left out to thaw.
Officers say someone broke a window to enter the home some time Saturday afternoon or evening.
The resident discovered the broken window when he returned home Saturday night. After searching the house for any missing items, he went into his kitchen and found it in a mess.

There were dirty dishes in the sink, a dirty skillet on the stove, and used paper towels on the counter. The steak was gone, and police believe the intruder had cooked and eaten it.

Story courtesy of FoxNews.com.




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