June 10th, 2015

Best Cooking Advice from Our Own Dads

Filet Mignon and Baked Potato Cooking Advice

They say kids say the darnedest things…but apparently they haven’t met our fathers!

With Father’s Day coming up, I asked the staff at The Kansas City Steak Company to tell us their fathers’ rules/advice/ when it comes to cooking and eating. And, well, they’re pretty awesome and insightful!

Ashley M. from the communications department used to hear: “Don’t get up from that table until you finish that plate.” Smart man, Ashley! If it’s steak – any cut of steak, I ALWAYS follow this rule.

Wayne S., Director of Fulfillment, learned that “Liver is steak” from his dad. Now that’s rough, Wayne.

And Eric S., Creative Director, heard something similar to Ashley every night: “No dessert unless you eat your entire dinner.”

Hey, at least there was dessert to look forward to!

John M., President – Direct to Consumer (aka The Baron of Beef), says his dad declared, “Chutney makes everything taste better.”

Not sure about EVERYTHING, but this is subjective.

Cassie A., Director of Corporate Sales heard this gem over and over: “Real men don’t use measuring cups… they use their gut.”

“Whoever eats the fastest gets the most” is what drove Marcy J., Director of Brand Marketing, to perfect her eating style.

While Keziah B., Director of Merchandising (aka The Menu Maker) learned the all-important “The key to juiciness, Pumpkin, is a good sear.”

But I prefer the simplicity of Director of Marketing Bob D.’s father – “Stick to what you know.”

Ya gotta love dads! They keep us on our toes.

Tell me, with Father’s Day coming up, what are some of your dad’s nuggets of wisdom?

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