March 26th, 2008

Brush Up on Your Grillin’ Skillz

Since we are now officially in grilling season (hallelujah!) I think it’s best to review some of the basics of grilling a great steak.

From choosing your cut of meat to making sure that yummy steak is actually cooked inside (hello, meat thermometer) this article  from makes it all clear.

Catch up on your techniques with this article, then click here to begin your own fabulous, meaty adventure!

Here’s that article link again:

One Response to “Brush Up on Your Grillin’ Skillz”

  1. Tes Says:

    Thanks so much, the article helped a lot! I tend to learn better from an example so I thought I should pass along a video that really helped me out. It has everything you’d need to know about grilling. Hope this can help someone else.