September 2nd, 2008

Burger Bonanza

Labor Day was a happy day at our house. The burgers were smoking (literally) and we swam and played all day long.

It’s these kinds of days that we live for. We’re relaxed, the kids are having fun and everything can wait until tomorrow.

Food plays a huge part in the happiness of our household. If we’re well fed, we’re a happy bunch.

If not . . . look out.

So, there are always well-laid meal plans on days like Labor Day. We make sure that’s in place and everything else just seems to work itself out.

We had a few friends over, we discussed our alma mater’s humiliating loss this weekend in football and we mostly were thankful to be gainfully employed and living in the greatest country on the planet.

We talked about our friends in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast and how we were glad most everyone left before Gustav got there.

And in their honor, we made our burgers nice and spicy with this . . .

Holy mackerel! That’s Tabasco Worcestershire sauce on the left. Yup, it’s spicy. But we’re all about keeping our Louisiana brethren in business. It’s our little way of helping out.

Then, we took those spicy burgers and put pepperjack cheese on a few of them. Yow!

Now that’s good stuff if you like ‘em hot and spicy. If you don’t, we’ll make ‘em with something a little more tame for you. We aim to please.

We were thoroughly satisfied with our great work and we patted ourselves on the back. And this was just lunch! Tomorrow, I’ll show you what we had for dinner . . .

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