February 1st, 2016

Creating a Romantic Dinner at Home for Valentine’s Day

Ahhh, amore! That most coveted of holidays where we celebrate L-O-V-E is almost upon us. February 14th is coming up! Are you ready?

Romantic Dinner at Home

Now, some people adore Valentine’s Day and some, well, they aren’t fans. I get it. We all see things from our own perspective. But the day isn’t just about a Romeo and Juliet kind of love in my mind. There are all kinds of love.

Truly, you don’t have to be a part of a traditional couple to appreciate Valentine’s Day. To me, this holiday celebrates love in all forms. And that’s something we ALL need.

Have a love interest this February? Create a romantic dinner at home! Want to show your kids, your grandma – anyone – they’re special? Cook them a meal they’ll love!

Don’t go out to a restaurant where you’ll have to fight with hordes of people in the parking lot, in the waiting area, in the dining area. Make a nice dinner on your own turf. And on your own terms. It’s more meaningful that way.

YOU pick the music, the setting, the theme. And have fun!

Twice Baked Potatoes

Is filet mignon their favorite steak? Pair it with some delicious Twice Baked Potatoes and you have a dinner that will make anyone feel special. Taking the time to prepare a meal that fills the belly AND the soul sends a message they won’t forget.

How about a beautiful meal of Beef Wellington? It’s still cold out, and this tender beef surrounded by a flaky, delicate crust is such a satisfying dinner. It’ll warm ‘em up from the inside out!

Think about what THEY might like and what food would make them happy. Then just go with it.

Enjoy making someone feel that they mean something to you by preparing them a romantic dinner at home this Valentine’s Day and YOU’LL be blessed too!

December 28th, 2015

16 Ways to Ring in the New Year

Ways to Ring in The New Year

Somehow we are here at the end of one year and the beginning of another.


Time just seems to fly by for me these days. How does this happen?

Since we’re here, let’s brainstorm some ways we can celebrate 2016 right with 16 ways to ring in this new year:

  1. You know it always involves steaks for me, so let’s try some new steak recipes at our new year’s get-together. A Grilled Filet Mignon with Shellfish Butter, perhaps?
  2. Make up with someone who you haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye with. Start fresh.
  3. Decide you’re going to be happy in 2016. And really mean it. Start at midnight.
  4. Toast the new year with a new cocktail.
  5. Let your kids stay up until 12:01 with you.
  6. Cannonball into a freezing pool when the ball drops.
  7. Start January 1st by volunteering somewhere.
  8. Visit a shut-in on New Year’s Eve.
  9. Invite the neighborhood to YOUR house this year for the New Year festivities.
  10. Include someone new to the area at your party.
  11. Wear something sparkly – man or woman, sparkles mean fun.
  12. Watch the ball drop on TV in Spanish.
  13. Go look at the stars before the clock strikes midnight – it’s crazy to think somewhere else in the world it’s already next year.
  14. Spend New Year’s Eve somewhere warm. It’s a different sensation than the traditional freezing NYE that most of the U.S. experiences.
  15. Find a time zone line and keep going back and forth after midnight. Pretend you’re a time traveler.
  16. Keep it traditional and kiss a loved one at midnight. It’s ALWAYS good luck.

Tell me, what will YOU be doing to ring in the new year? Pick something from the list and just go for it!

December 25th, 2015

How To Keep Your Christmas Merry

How to Keep Your Christmas Merry

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I mean, isn’t it?

Well, sometimes, it can get out of hand. With feuding relatives, inflated expectations, persnickety houseguests and a myriad of other intangibles, holiday time can be … not so nice. So let’s you and I make a pact to be the ones to rein it in when it gets hairy. Deal?

Think – MERRY instead of HAIRY.

In my house, everything begins and ends with food. So a delicious meal actually solves a lot of problems.

Is your 13-year-old nephew looking bored because his mom told him this is a “no-phone zone?” Teach him how to season a steak!

It’s a fun little activity that will serve him well in his later years. And it’ll get him up off the couch and DOING something. Hey, he’ll be spending special time with you so the day won’t be a total loss. Score!

These holiday meals can be a wonderful time of bonding and sharing. So make sure to serve something special that everyone will love.

We all just scarfed down a smoked turkey over Thanksgiving. So why not try a prime rib roast this time?

It’s so tender and juicy and the aroma coming from the oven makes for some wonderful memories.

Keep an eye on the seating chart at this spectacular meal, though. And create a scenario where the meal can be successful – if you know what I mean.

YOU know who shouldn’t be sitting next to whom. So make sure you control that. Then, everyone can focus on the amazing food and not Cousin Phil’s annoying knee clicking.

There’s bound to be more time for complimenting the chef that way. See? We all can win!

Be mindful of all the landmines that are inevitably there when a large group of varied personalities gets together and keep the focus on the food – and ALL will be merry and bright.

Happy holidays!

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