February 26th, 2016

Dinner and a Movie Ideas

It’s almost time for the big awards show!

Have you seen all the movies you want to see before the winners are announced? I haven’t quite seen them all and if you’re like me, we’ve gotta get crackin’!

So, let’s make it fun!

I’m really, really behind the times so I plan to fire up the Netflix, cook a romantic dinner for two and make an evening of it!

Come to think of it, I’ll break out some delicious steak recipes, and actually make a weekend out of it! I told you I was really behind.

Dinner and a Movie Ideas

I’m thinking of trying this Japanese Flank Steak with White Soy and Ginger Sauce on one of the nights. I haven’t tried it yet and the ginger, garlic and Dijon mustard in the sauce sounds absolutely divine.

It’ll be fun to mix it up a bit.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re going to have steaks two, maybe three nights in a row?

Yes. Yes, I am.

It’s been done before and I will do it again. I recommend it, actually. And my husband is right there with me. He’s all for it. We’re obsessed together. It’s more fun with a partner in crime.

Not that loving steak is criminal. Oh, no, it is not.

Night two might consist of – of course Netflix – and this recipe for Tuscan Roasted Steak Spiedini. This one calls for steaks certified by the American Heart Association so I feel good about this one, for sure.

Then, for our final evening, I’m thinking this Beef and Vegetable Soup will hit the spot. It’s soup – with STEAK in it! Genius!

Now, if we’re still not caught up, at least we will have a working knowledge of a lot of what’s going on when the awards are announced. It’s much more fun that way.

And we got to eat a lot of steak along the way!

February 12th, 2016

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Will you be cooking for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day?

You really should. In fact, I must insist you cook for your sweetie. It’s very romantic, and with the right Valentine’s Day recipes you’ll hit a homerun!

Don’t go to a restaurant with long lines and impersonal service, parking issues, and specials that run out before you get there. That’s sad.

No, cook it yourself! You can do this! It’s so thoughtful!

I mean, who could resist a mouth-watering meal that’s prepared especially for them? Now, THAT’S love.

But don’t get stressed out about it. I’m going to help you and you’re going to be just fine.

Okay, we all know the way to MY heart is through steak recipes. So, I’ll be sharing some of those Valentine’s Day recipes with you to get the ball rolling. But just make your Valentine’s Day dinner specific to your love and you’ll be golden!

Valentine's Day Recipes

First, you could whip up a delicious filet mignon with this Filet with Avocado Buerre Blanc recipe. White wine? Yes! Avocado? Yes! It’s even got instructions on how to make those beautiful cross-hatch marks on your filet mignon. Presentation is everything and this one has got it all! With directions, even.

Valentine's Day Ribeye

How about a ribeye to celebrate your love? This “Tangy & Sweet” Ribeyes in a Pomegranate and Wine Marinade recipe is so impressive. Notice the wine again? It is Valentine’s Day, after all!

You’re going to need a side dish or two to go with your lovely steaks. How about Asparagus with Toasted Hazelnuts? It’s elegant and a nice complement to your steaks. Then, prepare this yummy recipe for Cheese Bread and you will really make it a meal. Perfect.

But definitely choose something that your Valentine will eat. There’s nothing worse than watching someone pick uncomfortably at their food. Especially when you lovingly prepared it!

Whatever you cook this Valentine’s Day, make it special. Your sweetie will appreciate your effort!

September 28th, 2015

Best Recipes for Fall

Best Recipes for Fall Filet Mignon

Yes! Autumn is here! As much as I love summer, times change and I embrace that.

The new season is a welcome respite from blistering hot summer days. I’ll miss the pool and my floppy hat but I’m excited about sweaters, football and a nip in the air.

It’s a nice change of pace and I know the warm weather will be back again someday. For now, I’m happy to begin bundling up and lacing up my boots.

And now is the perfect time to cook delicious meals that warm the heart, the stomach and the soul – my absolute favorite part of fall. My family loves this part!

I have some favorite recipes that always hit the mark this time of year.

My go-to meal for fall is always chili. That soothing ground beef and tomatoes (with or without beans) in a bowl always, always satisfies. Put me in front of a football while eating it and I’m a happy camper. This is definitely a game-watching meal for us.

One item that stays the same in my house no matter what the season is steaks! We will grill or pan sear a filet mignon whatever the weather. Doesn’t matter. That NEVER fails to comfort. For fall, we’ll add a red wine mustard sauce or wild mushroom cream to give it that comforting touch. And, oh, does it comfort!

Or, an exquisite fall sit-down meal that won’t disappoint is a beautiful Mocha Rubbed Chateaubriand with Cocoa Compound Butter. The flavor is out of this world and the aroma will drive you crazy.

How about a Blue Cheese Stuffed Prime Rib? Add some twice-baked potatoes and a perfect pumpkin tart or red velvet cake for dessert and autumn never tasted so good!

So what are your favorite recipes for fall? Share them with me!

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